[Quiz] Sip 'Em or Sit 'Em

[Quiz] Sip 'Em or Sit 'Em

It's that time of year again.  We're gearing up for our favorite team sport: picking the perfect combination to warm our cups and usher in a season of cheer! 

Building Your Winning Team

Coach your cup to a winning combo of flavors for the fall and see how you stack up against others in the tastiest draft of the season!

Tell us what ingredients, flavors, boosts and components you would draft to make up your FAVORITE beverage team!

Build Your Coffee Roster With This Quiz


Pre-Drafted Winners

Check out some of our most popular teams with the VitaCup Bundles that we sell as value packages every day, no coupons needed.  We've assembled some special squads full of happy pods to make you feel like a winner!

No matter what flavor you select, you'll always be a champion with the great flavor and vitamin benefits you get with VitaCup. 


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