What Are the Memory Benefits of Coffee?

What Are the Memory Benefits of Coffee?

Your daily VitaCup has been proven to be a memory enhancer! Research has shown that drinking coffee helps improve your memory recall and there’s a possibility that it can help your long term memory too! Another great reason to start your day with VitaCup!

Researchers at John Hopkins University have found out that coffee helps memory. Their conclusion was that coffee seems to help memory for at least 24 hours after it is consumed.

Their study provided research participants with caffeine and then measured the participants memory the next day. First the participants were given images to memorize and then consumed 200 mg of caffeine which is a little bit more than what’s in a VitaCup. Before taking the caffeine they gave saliva samples. Then their caffeine levels in their saliva was tested after one, three and 24 hours.

Coffee Can Improve Memory Function.

Then the next day the participants were called back into the researcher's lab. They were shown the images again - but this time they were interspersed with other images that were slightly different. Subjects who had consumed the caffeine were much more likely to report that they recognized the images but they were not the same. Using this information researchers were able to conclude that when drinking coffee people have an easier time recalling information that occurred and that they were less likely to forget things that had happened the day before. Because the participants could do this it indicated that their “pattern separation” had been affected by the caffeine. Pattern separation is associated with our long term memory and so, this means that there might be some association with long term memory and caffeine.

More than 90% of US adults drink caffeine regularly and this research could show that drinking coffee could improve your memory!

VitaCup also provides the added benefit of B Vitamins. While studies do not show any correlation for B vitamins in repairing damage from Alzheimer's disease, B12 has been shown to help protect and maintain healthy brain function and memory.  This means that VitaCup helps your memory today through the benefits of coffee and helps your memory tomorrow through the benefits of the B vitamins - a winning combo worth remembering!

Buy your VitaCup today and start a brain health regimen that you won't easily forget! 


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Aug 24, 2017 • Posted by dorothy cottrell

which one is the natual one like Maxwell coffee

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