Why Green Tea is Perfect for Summertime!

Why Green Tea is Perfect for Summertime!

Green Tea is a great summertime drink to quench your thirst and help you get the most out of your long summer days.  Tea has been a popular summer beverage for a long time, but sugary teas can drain your energy more than they provide it.  Find out some of our favorite Green Tea tips and why Green Tea is your perfect light summertime beverage!

Why Green Tea is Great for the Summer

Caffeine, but Not Too Much

Green Tea has caffeine to help keep you going through the long summer days.  But, you want to make sure you hydrate enough as you consume caffeine.  Since Green Tea has lower caffeine levels than coffee, it reduces the dehydration process.  Remember: drink plenty of water on top of your caffeinated products to make sure you don’t end up dehydrated!

Matcha, Metabolism, and Mood

Matcha, the ceremonial grade Green Tea powder you find in high end Green Tea blends, enhances the metabolic benefits of VitaCup Green Tea.  Matcha contains the polyphenol EGCG which gets your motor running, increasing the rate at which you would normally metabolize.  It helps keep your system going strong with your mood, too.  

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Umami Flavor

Unlike other beverages it has a lighter flavor than coffee.  Green Tea is often said to have an “Umami” taste that hits a category of flavor similar to what we would consider “savory”.  This rich flavor is enhanced with ceremonial grade matcha powder which deepens the earthy profile.  This is due to the “Glutamate” present in the Green Tea, which provides a distinct trigger to specific tastebuds.  Whereas monosodium glutamate is a synthetic glutamate, the Glutamate found in Green tea is a positive, naturally occurring compound that can improve gastrointestinal health and actual help heal digestive issues like ulcers. The earthy flavor of Green Tea is one that you can enjoy all summer long that won’t leave you with a heavy aftertaste.    

Try VitaCup Vitamin Infused Green Tea with Matcha and Moringa.  Taste the Umami and get the benefits of our Vitamin Infused Green Tea all summer long!

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For your French Roast coffee.
I love it. I definitely feel the difference with my energy levels.
I am a now a customer.
Michael Ruppert.

Jun 20, 2017 • Posted by Vanessa Black

Do you have just regular tea?

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