VitaCup has a mission to create a Vitamin Infused Brew for You. 

Every day you wake up ready to be your best self. To conquer the world. To take on new challenges and emerge victorious. Just as soon as you’ve had your cup of coffee. 

But some days you just don’t feel your best. You’re still sluggish, emotional, forgetful, irritable. You don’t bounce back. You have trouble sleeping. You can’t lose those last few pounds. You seem to catch a cold frequently. 

Sluggish, emotional, forgetful, irritable, trouble sleeping, can’t lose pounds, catch colds frequently? There might be a reason your energy, mood and health are sagging. You might be vitamin deficient.

  • 40% of the population has low Vitamin B12.
  • 75% of women on the pill and 25% of the general population have low Vitamin B6
  • Over 41% of the population is Vitamin D deficient

So, you take vitamins. You spend a lot on them and they take up a lot of room.

You take your vitamins with you so you don’t forget them. But it’s still a hassle. And you still forget.

But, what if, right when you wake up ready to conquer the world, we make your vitamins unforgettable? What if your vitamins are right there in your cup of coffee that you never forget to have.

Meet Brandon, VitaCup's fearless Chief Vitamin Officer. He had vitamin deficiencies causing a bunch of health issues. He was sick all the time. He found that Vitamin supplements really helped him up his game in the office and at the gym and brought back the energy he’d been missing. 

He met Jeff, a 4th generation coffee brewer. They realized a perfect union. Coffee infused with vitamins.  An effortless way to get your vitamins with your daily coffee or tea in the morning when you need it most!

They took their concept to the lab and tested. And tested.  They tried multiple vitamin combinations. They were determined to make sure the coffee maintained the same smooth finish you get from your regular cup. They spent over 6 months in the lab and in testing panels. 

They were determined to infuse the right vitamins in your coffee pods to help you reclaim your mornings without ever sacrificing taste. And, eureka! They found the optimal formula. 

And it was better than we could imagine! 

You get an instant boost from the coffee to start the day and the vitamins help carry your energy and focus through the end of the day. No shaking. No crashing. No sleepless nights. All packed into a convenient single serving coffee pod that is compatible with most Keurig® 2.0 systems.

Finally, an alternative to unhealthy or sugary energy drinks! 

Our coffee and tea production and fulfillment center is LEED certified. The BPA-free single serving style capsules and foil lids are fully recyclable, reducing waste compared to other single serving coffee pods.   

We’re launching VitaCup with three flavors: French Roast, French Vanilla and Green Tea.

We want tea lovers to get a beneficial vitamin boost, too. Our Green Tea will feature Matcha and Moringa, along with key vitamins and antioxidants.

We’re developing more coffee flavors and vitamin blends to provide you with extra variety and make sure taking vitamins is always a pleasure, never a chore. 

Boost your immune function, get increased productivity, support your metabolism, and feel sharper through the day with VitaCup. 

VitaCup: the Vitamin Infused Brew for You.