1. How many Carbs or Calories are in a VitaCup serving?
    None!  Every VitaCup flavor is free of sugar and carb free.  If you want to add sugar, go ahead.  We leave that up to you!

  2. What kind of vitamins are in VitaCup coffee and teas?
    VitaCup coffee contains B1 (thiamine), B5 (dexpanthenol), B6 (pyridoxiine), B9 (folic acid), B12 (in the form of methylcobalamin), D3 and Antioxidants.  VitaCup Green Tea also contains Matcha and Moringa.

  3. Can I drink VitaCup on an empty stomach?
    Our testing has shown that most individuals are fine taking VitaCup on an empty stomach.  Of course, this is somewhat dependent on the individual and your own sensitivity, but we received no complaints regarding stomach discomfort due to the beverage.  With or without an empty stomach.  If you are normally okay drinking coffee on an empty stomach, you're likely to be just fine drinking VitaCup on an empty stomach.

  4. Is VitaCup for adults only?
    Although many children can benefit from vitamin supplements, we recommend that only adults take VitaCup.  Growing geniuses should limit their caffeine intake from any source.

  5. Will I be able to buy VitaCup in my local supermarket or coffee shop? 
    VitaCup is currently only available online.  We'd love to be in your local store, though.  Please feel free to suggest VitaCup to your local supermarket buyers!
  1. How many cups can I drink in a day?
    We recommend limiting your consumption to 3 cups daily but technically additional vitamins are not harmful. Our product is most based on B vitamins which are water soluble, safe, and easy to digest.   If you drink too much it will just be released when you urinate.
  1. Do the vitamins stay good after they are heated up?
    Our coffee is lab tested by a third party to verify consistency and quality of the product.  
    Our coffee vitamin content is measured after the coffee goes through Standard single-serve coffee pod brewing system preparation and heating. Vitamin contents or consistency may change with multiple re-warming of the coffee, however, they hold up to the provided values in the nutritional information of your package during the standard brewing process.
    Most information regarding vitamin loss during the heating process alludes to the effect of nutrient losses during food preparation. This does not equally apply to vitamin supplements whose primary components are far more resilient to heat.
    Many people take their vitamins in the morning. Before, during or after their cup of coffee. We hope our testing to validate vitamin content post-brewing will help ensure you DO get your daily vitamin boosts as expected.