VitaCup has a mission: Create a Better Brew

Vitamin Infused Coffee.  Vitamin Infused Tea.  Coffee and Tea lovers - VitaCup brings you a tastier, easy vitamin delivery method to jumpstart your day.  Love your mornings again with high-quality ingredients and an essential vitamin blend that tastes fresh and bold.  All of the flavor plus a coffee that's better for you, better for your community, and better for the environment.

Creating a New Kind Of Cup

Brandon Fishman, VitaCup's CEO, became passionate about vitamins after he discovered he had vitamin deficiencies. Sidelined from his usual active lifestyle due to chronic health issues including general fatigue, constant illness, he consulted with a nutritionist who tested his vitamin levels who found he was deficient in vitamins B1 and B12.  A regular vitamin regiment brought back the energy and vitality he’d been missing. He was shocked to learn he wasn't alone; about 40% of the population is vitamin B12 deficient. 

Brandon met Jeff, a 4th generation coffee brewer. They realized they had a perfect union. They spent a month in the lab testing to develop the perfect vitamin blend that provided all of the vitamin benefits without sacrificing taste, launching what is now the first and only vitamin infused coffee for single serving brewing systems.

Loving Vitamins, Never Leaving Them Behind

VitaCup was founded in 2017 to fulfill Brandon's mission of bringing people a better, more effective, and delicious way of taking daily vitamins.  And what better method?  Put the vitamins in a step during the day that most people are unlikely to skip, their morning cup!  No pills to swallow, no bulky pill boxes, no bad aftertaste.

A Better Way To brew

VitaCup’s coffee and tea production and fulfillment centers are LEED certified and based in Sunny San Diego, California. The BPA-free single-serve cups and foil lids are fully recyclable at any number 5 recycling center, reducing waste compared to traditional single serving coffee pods.  A portion of all proceeds go to Vitamin Angels, helping deliver vitamins to underserved populations across the globe.   VitaCup continues to develop new innovations and products to further our mission: create a better brew.