OMG: Beauty Experts Are Raving About This Morning Hack…..

Introducing Beauty Blend Coffee

Thought your morning coffee couldn’t give you a boost of energy, deliver essential vitamins, AND keep you glowing from within? You were mistaken. VitaCup has created a beautiful combination of premium coffee, collagen, biotin (vitamin B7), folic acid (vitamin B9), manganese and cinnamon – all in your daily cup of coffee. Perfection in a cup.

This smart combo of beauty boosters and cinnamon helps support beautiful hair, skin, and nails, while providing you with delicious gourmet coffee flavor you’ll love more than your regular coffee! This means you’ll never forget to take your vitamins or beauty supplements ever again! Boost energy and metabolism while glowing for within...

  • ✅ Strong Nails
  • ✅ Glowing Skin
  • ✅ Luscious Hair

Beauty Blend SOLD OUT IN DAYS after its limited launch to existing customers and is selling out fast again, but you can be one of the first to get our latest batch of Beauty Blend! The VitaCup production team is working overtime to produce more Beauty Blend, but more coffee is ONLY guaranteed if you’re on our official waiting list, which you can get on BELOW.

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VitaCup has seven other blends available RIGHT NOW! Each Keurig™ compatible “vitamin-coffee” pod or ground coffee bag is packed with 100% Arabica coffee beans and infused with a powerhouse blend of essential vitamins to give you a potent, natural energy boost with a host of added benefits, like a boost in metabolism and focus!

Perhaps the most interesting note about the coffee is its taste. Made with some of the world’s best tasting coffee beans, the vitamin-infused coffee doesn’t only taste as good as regular coffee – it tastes better!

So, Why Are People Calling This The "Unicorn Coffee?"

VitaCup is a superior tasting, vitamin-fortified coffee that is American made. Through its coffee, the company aims to address the worrying fact that over 40% of Americans are vitamin deficient and therefore fighting premature signs of aging that they don’t have to be. A quick internet search gives a wealth of information regarding everyday issues that can stem from vitamin deficiencies.

Look at everything you get in just one cup of VitaCup's Beauty Blend Coffee!

More Biotin Than

2500 cups of avocados

100 cups of sunflower seeds

More Manganese Than

14 cups of bananas

5 cups of pineapple

More Folic Acid Than

4.5 eggs

3.5 oranges

With this exclusive offer, you can receive 20% OFF a Genius Blend ground coffee bag and 30% OFF a 16-count box of Genius Blend pods!



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