A Brilliant Start Bundle

A Brilliant Start Bundle

A Brilliant Start Bundle

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Coffee Pod: A Brilliant Start Bundle


Included in this bundle:
1 Brewer
1 Box (16 Pods) of Genius Blend
1 $25 Gift Card

A Brilliant Start Bundle includes one single serve brewer.  The brewer is easy to use with 4 simple steps and helps make brewing your morning VitaCup a breeze. One box of Genius Blend gets you started with our delicious medium roast that also contains MCT, turmeric, cinnamon and our essential vitamin blend.  You’ll also receive a $25 digital gift card, so whoever receives the gift can get a box of their choice. Give the gift of more energy and focus with VitaCup - a smart way to start your day!


Gluten Free
BPA Free
Soy Free