Chill Start Bundle

Chill Start Bundle

Chill Start Bundle

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Coffee Pod: Chill Start Bundle


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Included in this bundle:
1 Brewer
1 Box (16 Pods) of Green Tea
1 Box (16 Pods) of Decaf Gourmet Blend

The chill start bundle is perfect for anyone who is vibrant enough without all of the caffeine. This bundle is comprised of our Green Tea with Matcha and Moringa and our Gourmet Decaf Blend, both of which provide energy and boost the metabolism without relying on high amounts of caffeine. The matcha and Moringa in the tea are loaded with nutrients - and the vitamin complex in every cup of VitaCup help people feel more energy by getting essential vitamins in a delicious and convenient way. Speaking of convenience, the single serve brewer takes the mess and hassle out of your daily cup of coffee. Pop a pod into the brewer and get a perfectly brewed cup with the push of a button - and the perfect serving of vitamins, too. Now that’s a really chill way to start your day!


Fresh VitaCup packs, delivered every 30 days, on your doorstep. Never run out of your favorite vitamin infused coffee or tea blend.

Gluten Free
BPA Free
Soy Free