Eureka Bundle (Ships 3/23)

Eureka Bundle (Ships 3/23)

Eureka Bundle (Ships 3/23)

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Coffee Pod: Eureka Bundle (Ships 3/23)

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Included in this bundle:
2 Boxes (32 Pods) of Genius Blend,
1 Box (16 Pods) of Green Tea,
and 1 Box (16 Pods) of French Roast.

All your favorite coffee flavors, with all the caffeine you can get! Get one box of each caffeinated coffee flavor with this bundle. This means you will get 16 pods of each flavor, a total of 64 pods.

Every pod contains a unique vitamin blend, which contains Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, and D3, as well as Antioxidants. Our high-quality Arabica beans are sourced from farmers in South America who use responsible farming tactics. Our pods use BPA-Free plastic, are nitrogen sealed to preserve freshness, and are 100% recyclable.


Fresh VitaCup packs, delivered every 30 days, on your doorstep. Never run out of your favorite vitamin coffee blend. 

Gluten Free
BPA Free
Soy Free