Flavorful Start Bundle

Flavorful Start Bundle

Flavorful Start Bundle

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Coffee Pod: Flavorful Start Bundle


Included in this bundle:
1 Brewer
1 Box (16 Pods) of Genius Blend
1 Box (16 Pods) of Green Tea
1 Box (16 Pods) of French Vanilla

The flavorful start bundle is the combination to delight the taste buds of your favorite culinary adventurer - these are the most sought after flavor profiles from flavor lovers.  First, the French Vanilla provides a light creamy vanilla finish on top of a deep, dark roast coffee that has been brought to the deepest stages of roast. Next, Green Tea with Matcha and Moringa provides a rich umami flavor through the ceremonial grade, finely ground matcha powder that is added to every cup. Finally, the medium roast Genius Blend has the most delicious finish due to the cinnamon and turmeric blend that’s added to our MCT coffee superstar.  Every flavor is packed full of our essential vitamins. The Flavorful Start Bundle comes with our single serve brewer, which makes starting every morning with a flavorful and healthful boost easy.


Gluten Free
BPA Free
Soy Free