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Genius Bagged Coffee (Reward)

NEW! Genius Blend Bagged, Ground Coffee

You asked, and we heard you!  It’s finally here. VitaCup in bags for our fans who want to brew their coffee by the pot instead of in a single serve pod.

Genius Blend bagged coffee is the same great vitamin infused coffee that helps support your focus and metabolism, but now it’s available in 12 ounce bags of loose coffee grounds, perfect for drip brewers. Our best selling Genius Blend Infused Coffee is now available in the highest quality gourmet coffee grounds we can find; roasted, infused and then sealed for freshness and flavor. This coffee also does more for you, boosting your focus and metabolism.

VitaCup Genius Blend Infused Coffee has keto-diet friendly MCT Oil, standing for Medium Chain Tryglicerides, a “healthy fat” that helps to get your system going in the morning. Turmeric and cinnamon are two powerful superfoods selected to help feed your inner brainiac. The vitamin infusion is a powerhouse blend of nutrients including Vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, and antioxidants.  It’s a brilliant combination, and now that you can get VitaCup Genius Blend bags you can get your favorite MCT infused coffee in a regular coffee brewer or in a single serve coffee brewer.

VitaCup Genius Blend coffee has a delicious, smooth gourmet coffee flavor. The beans are selected from Mexico and Brazil and then roast and ground into the perfect medium roast profile. Then, our Chief Vitamin Officer and Registered Dietitian, develops key infusions that help your brain and body stay brilliant. The cinnamon and turmeric have many of our customers saying that it’s the first coffee they could drink black.  

Genius Blend Infused Coffee has ingredients and superfoods selected to help you do more in one deliciously gourmet cup of coffee. Each ingredient was carefully selected to help turn your morning lightlbulb on, making it the ideal blend for IDEA people.

Start your Day the Smart Way with Genius Blend!

Each bag contains 12 ounces of gourmet roasted and ground coffee appropriate for any drip style coffee brewers, electric coffee pots, french press or even cold brew.

VitaCup carefully seals each bag of coffee to preserve the flavor and fight the potential for oxidation. Store in an airtight container after opening.


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