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Marlo's "Me-Time" Bundle

Curated by Marlo (@petitemiamigirl), this bundle features 4 of her most-loved VitaCup products. Follow Marlo's routine to feel the difference in your daily energy, focus, and metabolism.

6am Extra Shot Coffee: “An infusion of espresso + coffee for an energy boost so good your to-do list won’t stand a chance.”

11am Slim Coffee or Perfect Coffee: “Slim is my #1 favorite. It’s great any time of day and keeps me fuller for longer so I’m less prone to snacking.”

2pm Shroom Fuel Coffee-Alternative: “This is game-changing stuff. Switch your afternoon coffee for Shroom Fuel and you’ll get the same focus + energy without affecting your sleep schedule.” 

7pm De-Stress Tea: “The name says it all. It’s going to be your favorite unwind ritual. One cup of De-Stress tea is all it takes to unwind from the day.”

This bundle contains 16 Slim Coffee Pods, 16 Perfect Coffee Pods, 16 Extra Shot Coffee Pods, 28 De-Stress Tea Bags, and a FREE gift of Shroom Fuel Coffee Alternative (10ct). 

Marlo's "Me-Time" Bundle