Mom's Last Minute Rush

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Mom's Last Minute Rush

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Coffee Pod: Mom's Last Minute Rush

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Included in this bundle:

2 Boxes of 16 Gourmet House Blend Pods (32 pods total)
2 Boxes of 16 Gourmet Breakfast Blend Pods (32 pods total)

Mom’s Last Minute Rush may sound simple at first glance, but it’s everything you need this holiday season. Get an extra rush of energy to tackle those last minute miracles with an extra boost from VitaCup.

With two of our most popular blends, you’re all set for the holidays! This special bundle comes with two 16 count boxes of our lightest roast, the Gourmet Breakfast Blend, and two 16 count boxes of our medium roast, the Gourmet House Blend. Both of these are some of VitaCup’s most popular flavors. Whether you’re entertaining guests, or need a caffeine kick for yourself, you needn’t look any further for delicious coffee with VitaCup’s Mom’s Last Minute Rush bundle. Our Gourmet House and Gourmet Breakfast Blends are perfect for all coffee enthusiasts alike; they’re not too light and not too dark, and are just right!

With two of our best-selling blends, you can’t go wrong with Mom’s Last Minute Rush. Stock up on coffee for your guests, your family, the office, or for yourself -- there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself for the holidays! Whether you’re entertaining guests, need the extra caffeine boost, or want to give your body the essential vitamins it needs to get you through the holiday shopping, festivities, cooking, or traveling, this awesome bundle won’t let you down. We all know how busy this time of year can get and VitaCup can help you get through it all!

VitaCup is not only delicious, but is nutritious too! All of our pods contain our signature vitamin blend of vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3, & Antioxidants; something we could all use during the holiday season.

As we mentioned, VitaCup is healthy and delicious, but did you know that it’s eco-friendly too? We care about the environment and making sure none of our products harm our planet. Each pod comes in recyclable single-serve compatible coffee pods that are also BPA free. After you’ve made your cup of coffee, simply peel off the tin foil lid, empty the biodegradable and compostable grounds, and recycle the plastic pod! Not only does your body benefit from our coffee, but the planet does too.

This time of year doesn’t have to be stressful and with VitaCup it can be a breeze, and a delicious one at that! Who knew health and happiness could come in a little coffee cup?


Fresh VitaCup packs, delivered every 30 days, on your doorstep. Never run out of your favorite vitamin coffee blend. 

Gluten Free
BPA Free
Soy Free