Variety Sampler Pack (Reward)

Try One Each of Our 4 Best Selling Coffee Flavors! Our Sampler is a mini tasting of our Coffee Lover’s Bundle and is perfect for those looking to try all the blend profiles we have, from our lightest roast to our darkest roast.

Included in This Sample Pack:
1 French Roast Pod → Dark Roast Coffee
1 Genius Blend → Medium Roast Coffee
1 Gourmet House Blend Pod → Medium Roast Coffee
1 Gourmet Breakfast Blend Pod → Light Roast Coffee

Each Pod Contains the Following Essential Blend of Vitamins:
Vitamin B1 
Vitamin B5 
Vitamin B6 
Vitamin B9 
Vitamin B12 
Vitamin D3 
Antioxidants (Resveratrol)

*Remember* Our pods are 100% recyclable and BPA-free.