Waking Beauty Bundle - Ships By 9/30

Waking Beauty Bundle - Ships By 9/30

Waking Beauty Bundle - Ships By 9/30

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Ships October 1

Waking Beauty Bundle - Ships By 9/30


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Included in this bundle:
2 Boxes of 16 Beauty Blend Pods, 
1 Box of 16 Breakfast Blend Pods

Only the sweet kiss of coffee to your lips can make waking up each morning this beautiful. 

Goodbye sleeping beauty and hello waking beauty! You can wake up with a royal glow when you buy this coffee bundle that has everything you need to rule your realm with grace. 

Get one box of our light roast Gourmet Breakfast Blend, perfect for any magical morning, infused with our essential vitamin blend of B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3 and Antioxidants. Then, add in two boxes of Beauty Blend, a medium roast coffee infused with collagen, biotin, manganese, and cinnamon to keep you feeling radiant and regal from your head to your toes. 

Beauty Blend's unique collagen drink for hair, skin and nails* with a smooth cinnamon flavor will show you just how beautiful coffee can be. The Gourmet Breakfast Blend's subtle notes from the natural flavors of the coffee bean make it the pinnacle of refined sophistication. Together, this pair combine into a resplendent morning ritual - picture perfect for majestic coffee drinkers like you! 

*Based on consumption of 3 cups per day

Gluten Free
BPA Free
Soy Free