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11 Things That Are Better Together, and Always Will Be

11 Things That Are Better Together, and Always Will Be

The season of love is upon us and nothing says love like an everlasting duo. Get into the V-Day spirit enjoy some of our favorite, "better together" pairs that we've curated for your viewing pleasure. Get your piping hot mug of

VitaCup ready and enjoy!

1. Cats + Dogs


2. Tea Time + Me Time 


3. Singing + Showers


4. Tom Cruise + Oprah's Couch


5. Love + Caffeine


6. Denim Ensembles + 2001

7. Zac Efron + Forgetting to wear a shirt


8. Babies + Dogs

9. You + Chocolate


10. You + Shamelessly getting caught drinking the last cup of coffee

11. Breakfast + Lunch

Source: Eros

Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you think. But more importantly, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY.  

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