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5 Powerful Health Benefits of Turmeric

5 Powerful Health Benefits of Turmeric

You’ve probably noticed the turmeric craze going around: turmeric lattes, turmeric wellness shots, and even turmeric based skincare. We’re here to tell you that it’s a craze for a reason. Also known as “Indian Saffron,” turmeric is a lot more than just a radiant golden-colored spice. With curcumin as one of its main active compounds, which has anti-inflammatory effects, it has been proven to have many health benefits as well as illness-fighting properties. It’s no wonder that people have been using turmeric to treat various diseases and illnesses for thousands of years.

What exactly are the benefits of turmeric and how do you add it to your diet? Keep reading to find out!

Top 5 Health Benefits of Turmeric

  1. Fights inflammation

Did you know that inflammation is one of the main causes of major health problems? High rates of inflammation can contribute to further health problems, like heart disease or cancer. Fortunately, turmeric reduces inflammation and helps to alleviate issues like joint pain or swelling! (1)

  1. Balances blood sugar

Turmeric’s antioxidant properties help balance blood sugar levels. Its ability to balance insulin makes it a great aid for anyone with diabetes or with low energy. (2)

  1. Helps the gut

Some studies show a positive impact of turmeric in detoxifying the liver to lessen the effects of unhealthy carcinogens. It gets better: it helps with inflammation on the intestinal tract and aids with digestion, too! Some studies have proven that it can also reduce bloating and gas. (3) (4)

  1. Improves memory

As we mentioned above turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties found in curcumin that may be effective at delaying many brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, as well as the age-related decrease in brain function.(5)

  1. Immunity booster

Turmeric is known to kill many types of bacteria. It helps strengthen the immune system by killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Feel like you’re getting sick? Turmeric can boost your immune response to help you better fight off common illnesses like the flu or cold. You can also apply turmeric directly onto your skin to kill bacteria. It can help with acne and psoriasis when used externally. (6)

Easy Ways to Get More Turmeric in Your Life

  1. Savory foods

With its subtle peppery flavor, turmeric can be easily added to veggies, rice, salads, or scrambled eggs. You don’t need to use very much, and even just a pinch (make sure you wash your hands afterward) or a small dash work like a charm. It also adds a hint of color to whatever it is you’re cooking.

  1. Infused in your coffee

Have you tried VitaCup’s newest vitamin-infused flavor, called Genius Blend? It combines your daily caffeine, vitamins, cinnamon, MCT Oil, and you guessed it: TURMERIC! With this exquisite mixture, you’ll be reaping the benefits of turmeric while you sip on your morning cup of joe! The taste is so subtle, you won’t even know it’s in it…

  1. Smoothies

Add a dash of ground turmeric to your morning smoothies. The turmeric root has a stronger taste, so we recommend using the ground version instead. You won’t be able to taste it, but your body will sure know it’s there.   

  1. Tea

Mixed and steamed with some coconut milk and honey, turmeric “tea” is one of the tastiest and most calming drinks. It’s almost like a latte, but healthier and without the caffeine. Try it. We promise you’ll love it!

  1. Face masks

Did you know you could make a face mask with turmeric by combining it with some honey? Because it helps with bacteria, this turmeric mask can help clear acne and blemishes by being absorbed into the skin topically!

Needless to say, a bottle (or two) of turmeric is one spice you’ll want to have on your spice rack. Whether you’re looking for immune support, pain relief, or clearer skin, a dash of turmeric will do the trick! You’ll thank us later.

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5 Unexpectedly Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas

5 Unexpectedly Perfect Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is around the corner and getting your mom something that shows her how much you love and appreciate her (let alone something she will actually want and use) is no easy task! This year, we recommend stepping outside the norm and focusing on the feeling behind the gift that will make mom feel most adored. No one knows mom better than you and by starting with the emotion you want mom to feel most will lead you to the most perfect gift possible.

The following list contains ideas that can be used by kids of any age, with budgets spanning from “nada” to “money is no object...” (which also makes it perfect for small kids!) Remember, the idea is to start with the feeling and end with the gift that emotes that. 

These are our top 5 things we think mom wants to feel this Mother’s Day, along with a gift idea to match:

Relaxation: Spa day or candlelit bath

Spa Days or a Candlelit Bath are perfect mother's day gifts!
Image via

Being a mom is tiring, busy, and draining sometimes (no matter how much moms love their kids.) Being sent off to a day spa for some R&R is the perfect way to rejuvenate and is a great way to give mom a day to recharge with a massage, facial, sauna, and steam room. If it’s an option, going with your mom to the spa is even better! If a gift certificate isn’t in the cards for you, drawing a warm bath with candles, essential oils, her favorite book, and some spa music will do just the trick!

Help: Breakfast in bed and/or cleaning the house

Breakfast in bed is a great treat for mom on Mother's day!

Every morning mom makes lunches, picks up clothes off the floor, makes dinner, does the laundry, and so much more we don’t even know about! One thing mom would never turn down on Mother’s Day? ...a day OFF of house duties. Wake her up with a breakfast made by you, tidy up the house, take care of the laundry, and hey…. maybe even throw in a car wash while you’re at it! This gift is free and will mean the world to your mom.

Energy: Coffee bundle

A brewer bundle from VitaCup is a great way to get mom on the road to bright mornings this mother's day!

Moms run on coffee (or tea.) For busy moms, always on the go, the gift of caffeine is always appreciated. Sometimes the amount of tasks in a day can seem overwhelming, but moms energized with their favorite cup can take on the world (especially when it’s infused with a blend of daily essential vitamins!) Vitalize mom with Mother’s Day bundles from VitaCup, which include various brewers, coffee and tea flavors, and gift certificates! Coffee bundles dedicated specifically to a holiday celebrating moms? What could be better than that?!

Comfort: Luxury robe or sheets

Fresh new sheets can be a great gift for mom this Mother's Day!

Rested moms are happy moms...didn’t you know? Because our moms love us so much, they usually end up buying nice things for themselves last...or sadly, never. When is the last time your mom got herself a brand new pair of unbelievably luxurious sheets, or wrapped herself in the softest robe known to man? Probably before you were born. The materials used at Home by Jennifer Adams are unparalleled in softness and quality and are scientifically proven to create a better sleep. If you’re able to splurge and want to make sure it’s worthwhile, these are the best luxury option!

Acknowledgement: A handwritten card or poem

A handwritten note is one of the best gifts for mom this Mother's Day!
Photo via:
Elite Daily

Last, but certainly not least, in terms of importance and impact: something directly from the heart. Never underestimate the meaning of actually taking the time to tell your mom how much she means to you and how appreciated all the little things are that she thinks go unnoticed. From a poem to a card, to a list of reasons you appreciate her, anything thought out and written by you will bring a tear to her eyes. This option won’t cost a thing, but will be remembered for years to come (Pro Tip: this is great for the little ones! You never know what they will write, as you can see from the one we found above…)

No matter what you give or gift to mom this year, starting from the feeling you want to evoke is always a winner. Just imagine your mom’s face when she receives her gift and the joy it will bring her to know how much thought and love went into thinking it up or creating it! This post is dedicated to all the moms we love and admire - you make the world go ‘round <3

5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy in the Workplace

5 Simple Ways to Stay Healthy in the Workplace

When you’re at work, health and your well-being are usually the last things on your mind. There are way too many things to accomplish to think about self-care. The problem is that most of us spend the majority of our day at work; from 9 to 5 work comes before everything else. Who has the time to do it all? Good news: you can create and maintain a balanced workplace lifestyle that not only helps your overall health but will also improve the quality of your work! Here’s how:

  1. Drink water.


Drinking water is easy to forget. This makes no sense because it’s one of the most important things we should be doing to stay healthy! Drinking water not only helps with digestion, keeping our complexion clear, removing toxins, boosting our immune system, and increasing energy, it also helps you stay focused and alert while you work. Our suggestion? Get a large reusable water bottle to refill throughout the day. Set a goal for yourself and keep track of how many bottles you’ve finished in one day. If you’ve got a competitive streak in you, you may even want to start a little competition with one of your coworkers to see who can drink the most! Staying hydrated is extremely important and if you start now, it can become the best habit you have.

  1. Move around.


    It’s common to get caught up in work and forget to move; sometimes for hours on end. Staying stationary for too long can have major consequences later, so it’s important to remind ourselves to get up. Set a reminder every hour or so to go for a short walk, even if it’s just around the building or to the restroom (perhaps even going to go fill up the water bottle that you’ve finished). Not to mention, getting a breath of fresh air and taking a short break from work helps us focus and increase productivity! Not to mention, it’s a great way to relieve stress and regain some of our sanity. It’s also important to get outside. Vitamin D deficiencies have become extremely common, especially for those who work indoors all day. Take a walk outside and catch some sun. Your body will thank you later.
  1. Bring your own lunch (and snacks too.)


    Though it takes extra time, packing your own lunch is the healthiest and most cost-efficient option. Plan a few healthy meals for the week on Sundays. It’s tempting to indulge in the breakroom doughnuts, visit the vending machine, or to order something to be delivered, but try your best to avoid this. Many studies associate significant weight gain to office life; staying stationary all day and snacking on unhealthy foods. Frequent, light snacking on healthy options, like nuts, fruit, and veggies, is proven to speed up your metabolism and is better for your overall health.
    Don’t forget about your daily essential vitamins and nutrients! Try your best to incorporate foods with B vitamins, vitamin D, etc. If you’re not able to get the vitamins you need with your food choices, supplementing with an easy alternative like vitamin-infused coffee or tea, like VitaCup, is a great choice! Most people drink at least one cup of coffee or tea per day at work, so choosing one infused with vitamins is a convenient way to make sure you get what you need to stay healthy, fresh, and focused. (not to mention a nice energy boost!)
  1. Clean your workspace.


    We don’t want to alarm you, but did you know that studies have proven that our desks have more germs than a toilet seat? Cleaning your desk is extremely important because being in an office exposes you to a ton of germs. We all know what it’s like to be at work and hear everyone around you coughing and blowing their noses and I’m sure we’ve all fallen victim to the office bug at least once. While it might not be a guarantee, you can prevent getting sick by wiping down your desk at the end of the day.
  1. Stretch.



    Whenever you come back to your desk, whether it’s after using the restroom, having a meeting, going for a walk, etc., take a few minutes to stretch at your desk. Stretching is one of the best ways to get your blood flowing and circulation going. After sitting even for just an hour, our bodies start to tighten up and are in desperate need of some range of motion. Roll your neck and wrists around a few times, stretch out your exhausted fingers, do a few forward bends, and if you’re feeling up for it, try a few balancing poses to get yourself refocused.

Work is busy and difficult to focus on things other than the agenda for the day, but we also need to remember that our health and well-being is the most important thing we should care about. Start small and these easy tips will not only benefit you, it’ll benefit everyone around you when they start following your lead. You need your health (both physical and mental) to get the job done, so keep these tips in mind!