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Each VitaCup pod contains these vitamins:

  • Thiamine - Helps digest carbohydrates and process alcohol


  • Dexpanthenol - Supports adrenal health and promotes weight loss


  • Pyridoxiine - Reduces inflammation, eases arthritis pain and PMS symptoms/ energy


  • Folic Acid - Promotes healthy hair, skin and nails along with helping the body to produce and maintain new cells / energy


  • A+

    Antioxidants - Neutralizes harmful free radicals and helps eliminate them from the bloodstream

  • B12

    Maintains energy levels, boosts mood and supports function of nervous system / energy

  • D3

    Boosts weight loss, supports immune health and fights depression

A perfect blend of health and vitality

Coffee French Roast
French Roast
Coffee French Vanilla
French Vanilla
Tea Green Tea
Green Tea

Made the Right Way By the Right People.

VitaCup gives you more reasons to enjoy your morning coffee or tea. Responsible, recyclable & K-cup® compatible. 

Gluten Free
BPA Free
Soy Free
Fair Trade