Maybe you’ve heard of it from a commercial or seen it listed on some of your favorite VitaCup teas and coffees. Yup, we’re talking about MCT oil. That’s medium-chain triglyceride oil to be exact. This popular supplement is made of fat molecules that are shorter than long-chain triglycerides found in many foods you eat, making MCTs more easily digestible. Typically extracted from coconut oil or palm oil, MCT oil has an abundance of perks that we will explore. in the rest of this article, so the next time you enjoy some of your go-to VitaCup products you’ll know exactly how your mind and body are benefitting.


1. Good Energy Source: Because MCT oil is made of smaller molecules than other fats, your body breaks it down more easily. As a result, MCT oil provides an easily accessible source of energy, so the next time you need a pick-me-up on a Monday morning or a quick boost before your workout, check out our MCT-powered Genius Coffee.

2. May Support Weight Loss: Research shows that MCT oil can increase the release of hormones that induce the feeling of fullness. MCT oil is also a slightly lower-calorie source of fat than foods with LCTs, such as nuts and avocados. Thus, many individuals find that incorporating MCT oil into their diets supports weight loss.

3. Increases Heart Health: MCT oil provides a host of benefits to your heart.  As discussed above, MCT oil can contribute to weight loss. It additionally has been shown to contribute to lower cholesterol levels, including reduced LDL (“bad cholesterol”) levels and higher HDL (“good cholesterol”) levels. You can therefore integrate MCT oil into your diet to target and decrease these risk factors associated with heart disease. 

4. Contributes to Brain Health: Early research into the link between MCT oil and your brain’s functioning have been promising. MCT oil gives your brain a quick boost of energy in the form of ketones, which are an alternative source of fuel that your body produces when your glucose levels are low (perhaps if you’re on a keto diet). There is also evidence to support MCT oil’s beneficial effects for those with conditions including Alzheimer’s and epilepsy through slowed memory loss and increased seizure control, respectively.

5. Better Gut Health: MCT oil strengthens your gut microbiome by encouraging the production of good bacteria and fortifying your intestinal barrier to protect your gastrointestinal tract from harmful antigens. MCT oil also aids your digestive health by supporting your body’s proper absorption of vitamins and minerals from the food you eat. 

So, how do I get more MCT oil in my diet?

MCT oil does a lot of good for your health and wellness, so make sure to take advantage of this holy grail ingredient. You can easily add it in by swapping your ordinary coffees, teas and creamers for VitaCup's MCT-infused options. Here are staff picks that will help you get your daily dose of MCT.

1. KETO+ Collagen Creamer: This product goes with EVERYTHING. Coffee, tea, smoothies, overnight oats, baked goods - you name it! Packed with 11g of Collagen Protein and L-Theanine for an added superfood boost.

2. Genius Coffee: A tried and true best-seller! Genius Coffee is a delightful medium-dark roast with hints of coziness. Best part? You can have it in pods, grounds, or on-the-go instant sticks!

3. KETO Max Coffee: Are you into the butter coffee trend? Then you'll love this creamy, toasty keto coffee infused with butter and MCT oil for a daily dose of fats. Grab it in instant sticks or pods!



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