5 Tips to Stay Hydrated in the Fall

5 Tips to Stay Hydrated in the Fall

Sweater weather is officially here! While we say  “see you later” to hot sticky weather, it’s time to transition our body and skin to colder, dryer weather. Why is this transition so important? What’s the secret to a healthy glow during the fall and winter months?  

The answer is simple: hydration! It’s pretty easy to stay hydrated in the summertime, mostly due to the heat and high temperatures. We engage in lots of outdoor activities that require us to drink lots of water; thus, we’re more deliberate and proactive regarding our hydration in the summertime. 

When it comes to the autumn season, the cool weather won’t trigger a need to reach for an ice-cold glass of water. But dehydration can sneak up on you! Here are some unique tips to stay hydrated during the fall that don’t include the generic “drink more water.”

5 Tips to Keep Hydrated Skin in the Fall

  1. Colder Showers: While basking in a hot shower after a cold work day seems wonderful at the moment, you may be doing more harm to your skin than you know. Incorporating colder showers into your routine can help increase skin hydration and stimulate blood flow to your vital organs. 
  2. Electrolytes: Good news, athletes are not the only folks who need an electrolyte boost! Electrolytes are essential minerals that emit an electrical charge when dissolved in water. They help to regulate fluid balance, the nervous system, and muscle maintenance. While there are many electrolyte beverages on the market today, it can be hard to grab one with less sugar.
  3. Swap Your Moisturizer: Did you know that colder weather can dry out your skin and make it more sensitive to outside elements? One thing that can help with skin sensitivity and hydration is switching to a thicker moisturizer. Paired with a gentle exfoliator and a high-SPF sunscreen, your skin will look supple and clear all season long! 
  4. Collagen: Up to 30% of the protein in our body is naturally produced collagen. Collagen can be interpreted as the “glue” that holds our body together and constitutes, along with the bones, most of the body’s structural support. Collagen loss is a byproduct of natural aging but can be accelerated by environmental factors. This season, improve your collagen levels and directly support your skin, hair, nails, and bones. 
  5. Humidifiers: Dry air can cause moisture to evaporate from the skin and worse respiratory symptoms. Adding moisture to the air with a humidifier can counteract these problems. Humidifiers can help those who suffer from dry skin, allergies, dry coughs, sinus headaches, and even chapped lips. 

Each season brings new skincare challenges, and this season you’ll want to make sure you’re ready so that when the winter hits, your skin and body are healthier than ever. While drinking more water is a sure way to stay hydrated during the fall, it’s easier said than done. 

If you’re looking for an easy way to add more electrolytes and collagen to your routine, then consider trying VitaCup this autumn! Our Hydration Coffee is a delicious medium roast coffee with a hydrating twist from infused electrolytes and minerals. Made with coconut water, pink Himalayan salt, and Aquamin Magnesium®, Hydration Coffee is perfect for coffee lovers on the go looking for an instant refresh. Need a collagen boost? Check out our best-selling KETO+ Collagen Creamer, available in natural vanilla. Made with nutritious ingredients like avocado oil, MCT oil, and L-theanine, each scoop provides a tasty collagen boost to your favorite coffee, smoothies, and even baked goods!

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