5 Ways To Make Your Coffee Healthier

5 Ways To Make Your Coffee Healthier

If you’ve been looking to up your health game and finally reach those fitness goals, we have 5 easy tricks to improve a common daily habit: how you drink your coffee. Most people associate their morning routine with grabbing a sugary coffee from their local shop without being aware of all the sneaky ingredients that are lurking in it. Starting your day this way can contribute to a spike in blood sugar (with a crash to follow), weight gain, tooth decay, and poor nutrition. 

So, we’ve compiled a list of practical tips to make your morning coffee healthier! Your future self will thank you. 

5 Tips to Make Healthier Coffee

  1. Get it half-sweet (or sugar-free!). We don't expect you to cut out sugar entirely (live a little!), but reducing your overall sugar intake, especially in the mornings, will help keep your blood sugar from spiking and diminish those mid-afternoon crashes. You can opt for sugar-free syrups or ask for “half sweet” if you are ordering from a coffee shop. 
  2. Cut back on dairy. Swapping your traditional latte for an iced coffee or an americano with light cream will reduce the amount of milk you consume and help cut down on some of the added calories.
  3. Upgrade your creamer. Choose a creamer that has less sugar and no artificial ingredients! Our Vanilla Keto Collagen Creamer is a great choice (and it contains 11g of collagen!). You probably won’t even taste a difference, but you’ll definitely feel it! 
  4. Get smart with your money. Have you ever added up how much you spend at coffee shops? It’s an average of $1,825 per year! Making coffee at home is not only economical, it’s also the easiest way to control how healthy your coffee is. 
  5. Add some superfoods. Pick a coffee that has the best bang for its buck, meaning one that adds benefits and extra nutrients. Add collagen for skin and hair health, mushrooms for focus, or Garcinia Cambogia for a metabolism boost. Our current favorite is Hydration Coffee for added electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals to rehydrate you while providing energy for the day.

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