Making special memories with mom for the holiday.

Breakfast Memories with Mom

At VitaCup we like to say that "it's the small things that make mornings memorable".  

Breakfast memories with mom are usually special because they're infused with love, and we've spent some time as a team sharing about our favorite memories. As parents, you often forget how the small things you did make BIG impressions.

The Magic Griddle

DeBear Breakfast with Mom MemoryMy favorite memory with my mom (and sister) growing up is when my mom would wake us up on Sundays with Mickey Mouse shaped waffles using a griddle that we got from a family trip to Disneyland. She still has the griddle and sometimes makes them when we are all together for a holiday! - Sydney

Family Traditions and Cartoons

Family recipe Chinese pancake tradition breakfast memory with momMy favorite memory of breakfast with mom is when she would make homemade Chinese pancakes on Saturdays! It is a cherished recipe past down from generations.
Rolling the dough and mixing the ingredients together while watching Saturday morning cartoons was always one of my favorite childhood memories. - Irene

Sweet Sleepovers and Savory Adventures

sweet sleepover breakfast memory with momMy favorite memory of breakfast with mom is when she would make chocolate chip pancakes for my sleepovers. I have a friend from elementary school that still talks about those pancakes and how special sleepovers at my house were to this day!
My second favorite memory is when we would go camping with the motorhome - mom would always make chorizo and eggs. To this day chorizo and eggs brings me back to being a kid on a great adventure.  - Laura B.

Mother's Day Tea Party

Bates Nuts Farm Mother's Day Breakfast MemoryMother's Day 2012 was a spectacular day for my daughter and me. Adriana who is 10 years old was 4 years old at the time and we went to Bate's Nut Farm, a local San Diego farm where dozens of nuts and candy are produced, for a Mother-Daughter Tea Party. We got to make crafts, drink different types of tea (hot and iced), make new friends but most importantly enjoy each other's company. I will never forget the look on my daughter's face when she bit into a homemade scone. We got to learn about the health benefits of each tea and now my sweet 10 year old is a tea lover and asks for it when she not feeling well! - Laura C. 


Christmas Morning Magic

Christmas Morning Magic Breakfast with MomI definitely have more than just one favorite breakfast memory with my mom... but I'd have to say Christmas morning always stood out to me. My mom is a home designer, so growing up, she really went all out. I'm talking, every room in the house (including the bathrooms), had a Christmas tree. Christmas mornings as you could imagine, was something like being at a Macy's North Pole. Fireplace lit, fresh pine in the air, sparkling lights, and of course the food; eggs, bacon, potatoes, tortillas- all of our favorites... it's something magical to experience. And even now looking back at my childhood, it really makes you appreciate all of the time and love she put into making that day and every holiday so special for us. - Samantha

A Pair of Princesses 

Pair of Princesses Breakfast with Mom MemoryBirthdays have always been special to my mom. I have an identical twin sister so making sure we both felt celebrated and special on our big day was quite the task. But Mom always pulled it off! Every year on our birthday my mom would wake up extra early and bake us cinnamon rolls for breakfast. She would pile them high on our special Disney Princess plates, so we each had our own little cinnamon roll tower with extra frosting (of course!) and a candle on top. Raising two girls on her own wasn’t easy, but she did it with an effortless grace that she carries with her to this day. Happy Mother’s Day, Mom! - Jenny  






We hope that our memories helped to jog your memory of special morning memories with the special ladies in your life. 

What's your favorite breakfast memory with mom?  Share in the comments below! 


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