[Quiz] How Much Do You Know About Coffee?

[Quiz] How Much Do You Know About Coffee?

Coffee Lovers unite and test your coffee knowledge! Are you a coffee pro? Or are you an average joe? Now's the time to determine what you really know about coffee with our fun-fact coffee quiz - perfect for the middle of National Coffee Month.

Does your Coffee fun fact knowledge stand up to the test? Find out!

Did you get coffee bragging rights? If not, never fear. Exploring coffee is part of the fun, and you can always explore your love of coffee with us here at VitaCup.

Make sure to sign up for our loyalty program, no purchase necessary, to be entered to win our box a day giveaway going on throughout the whole month of August in celebration of National Coffee Month!

Let us know how you did in the comments below or on social media.


I thought the Genius Blend would have helped after two cups before dawn!!! Great Coffee, Love the Brew!!!

Aleene Kann

Love your coffee!


Fun quiz I didn’t think I knew much about coffee.

Aleita Harvey

Hey I got it right!!

Marsha Egger

The day must start with a cup of coffee.

Verna L Jackson

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