Coffee's Role in the American Revolution

Coffee's Role in the American Revolution

Every day, 83% of adults drink coffee in the U.S., (I bet you're drinking a cup right now, aren't you?) but do you know why Americans are so obsessed with this caffeinated drink? The history of our dedication to coffee dates back to our country's struggle for independence. When the colonists settled in America, they tried to maintain similarities between their lives in England and the Americas, which included drinking tea daily. When the King realized how much tea the colonists were drinking he decided to make the East India Company the exclusive distributor of tea in America and created the Tea Act, which heavily taxed Americans and lead them to become very frustrated with the British Parliament. In 1773 a group of patriots led by Samuel Adams decided that the British government couldn't control their lives anymore. The Patriots then devised a plan to throw several tons of tea in the water and vowed to stop drinking it to send a message to the British government that they shouldn't pay taxes on their tea if they aren't getting an equal representation in Parliament. This great act of rebellion was the first step in the American Revolution and solidified American's relationship with coffee. 


Early colonists relied on their daily cup(s) of tea to get them through the day, but after the Boston Tea Party, it became increasingly difficult to drink tea since it was seen as unpatriotic. Colonists had to find a new source of caffeine which is when they turned to coffee. Since then coffee has been a staple in almost every American's life.


With American's newfound love of coffee, coffee houses became a popular place for people to sit, sip and chat. Historically, American's didn't drink a lot of coffee, even though it was available to them since they had to grind it themselves and many didn't have access to the grinders. However, colonists occasionally visited coffee houses to get a cup of Joe, but these visits became more frequent after the Boston Tea Party. According to Daniel Webster, revolutionists frequently gathered at coffee houses to discuss various interests and politics. Due to these meetings, the Green Dragon, one of the most celebrated coffee houses in Boston, was titled the “Headquarters of the Revolution”. Another famous coffee house, Merchant's Coffee House, was where the Declaration of Independence was first read aloud to the public. Without Coffee Houses, and a new source of caffeine after the Boston Tea Party, who knows where this country would be today. 


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can you put vitacup in your own choice of coffee like black silk? & drink it all together in the morning? if so how do i order?

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