DIY Craft with Recycled Coffee Pods for Easter

DIY Craft with Recycled Coffee Pods for Easter

Who doesn’t love Springtime? Flowers are blooming, everything seems colorful, and HELLO?!....Easter Egg hunts! We all know how much fun the little ones can have decorating eggs and making crafts for the Easter holiday (or Springtime in general!)

Fun Recycle Craft Ideas for Easter

While every pod is recyclable, we absolutely LOVE upcycling our used VitaCup pods and transforming them into fun crafts with our kids. It’s so easy to make our pods into all kinds of critters or creatures, and it’s fun for everyone! From bunnies to flower pots, the DIY craft possibilities are endless, if you’ve got your creative juices flowing! We thought these ended up making the PERFECT display pieces for decorated eggs. Simply place your decorated Easter Eggs on top of any of these fun pod décor crafts and get your house looking festive.

If you’re feeling the DIY spirit, brew up your favorite Vitacup flavor and get to crafting…

Materials Used:

Supplies for DIY Upcycle Coffee Pod Craft for Easter
  • Leftover Vitacup coffee and tea pods
  • Foam paper
  • Glitter foam paper
  • Small googly eyes
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Puffballs
  • Krazy glue OR hot glue gun
  • Your favorite flavor of VitaCup (…we all need a little motivation to craft with the kiddos, don't we?) 


  1. Make sure your used VitaCup pods have been cleaned and dried
  2. Decide what your masterpiece will be and plan your needs from the selected materials above
  3. Plug in the hot glue gun and get it heated up
  4. Cut out your bunny ears, grass, and flowers in the colors you choose! 
  5. Glue the ears, eyes, nose, teeth, and whiskers on your bunny pod
  6. Glue the blades around the inside of your grass pod
  7. Glue brown foam paper around the outside and your flowers with pipe cleaner around the inside of your flower pot pod
  8. Decorate some Easter Eggs and display them in your pod designs!
Final Project, DIY craft for Easter bunnies with coffee pods.

    Remember, these are just some ideas to inspire you, but the possibilities are endless! You can create any design you want with these leftover pods. 

    Recycled Easter Craft using Coffee Pods

    We had so much fun making these and we can't wait to see what YOU come up with! If you decide to give this project a try, make sure to send us pictures of your masterpieces or upload them to social media and tag us at @DrinkVitaCup!

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    Theses look like so much fun to make with my grandkids. Thanks for the ideas


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