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What Will You Do With Your Extra Boost?

What Will You Do With Your Extra Boost?

VitaCup is glad to give you an extra boost of energy. Our vitamin infused coffee, tea, and even decaf give you a better boost of energy with the added benefits of vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3 and Antioxidants. 

We've been hearing from our customers, and they've been telling us all of the things they do with the extra energy they receive with their morning cup of coffee. We want everyone to enjoy the extra boost, and so we're bringing you the VitaCup "What Will You Do With Your Extra Boost" Contest.  

What Will You Do With Your Extra Boost? Contest

We want to know what our customers do with their extra energy.  We want to know what people who haven't had a chance to try us would do with an extra boost of energy.  If you don't have a brewer, you will love our Grand Prize - one lucky winner will get our Perfect Start Bundle - it includes a VitaCup Brewer and a box of our 3 most popular flavors - Gourmet Breakfast Blend, French Roast and Genius Blend. In order to win we want you to share a video to tell us what you will do with your extra boost to qualify to win!  Read the complete details and enter below!




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