Giving Tuesday with VitaCup

Giving Tuesday with VitaCup

It’s here: Giving Tuesday!

We can’t deny our love for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. But we really, really especially love Giving Tuesday because it’s the day people give back! At VitaCup, we take Giving Tuesday to heart. We take pride in all the great things our company and our team do to give back.

You don’t need to be a superhero to change the world.  When you shop with businesses with a purpose, you make a difference with every purchase.  And while our super-power primarily comes from our coffee, we also have naturally awesome VitaCup superhumans who make a difference every day.

Service with the VitaCup Team

Our team is pretty great, and we like to highlight the great things they are doing to make the world a kinder place.  We collected just a few ways our team gives back;

Samantha and Robert (Customer Service Associates)

Volunteered in Houston after hurricane Harvey helping with direct cleanup, collecting donations, and distributing food and supplies to victims. VitaCup also made a donation over $750 of  food and supplies to help victims recovering from the storm. Watch their story here. 


Adam (Creative Director)

Leads the Surfrider Foundation's Climate Action Committee which addresses simple choices in everyday life that lead to a healthier environment and healthier personal well being; organizing events like a group bicycle ride called SantaCycle, farm-to-fork dinners at a local farm, documentary movie nights, and energy home tours

Laura (VP, Marketing)

Plays piano on a local Marine base, MCRD San Diego, weekly for the recruits who can’t leave base for church services.

Paloma (Customer Service Associate)

Writes letters to those who could use a boost through “There’s something so heart-warming imagining someone in need receiving a big bundle written well-wishes from strangers who care,” she explained (and with a huge smile).

Sami (Social & Content Associate)

Volunteering at “Skid Row Carnival of Love” in Los Angeles which is an event that aims to uplift and empower the lives of the homeless. It also connects people to resources that provide support to those experiencing homelessness. This year Sami will be doing arts and crafts with homeless kids. Find out more here:

When you’re giving back, even the smallest drop of care and sacrifice can turn into an ocean's worth of impact.

VitaCup's Commitment to Giving

We are proud to say that we've joined forces with Vitamin Angels, an organization devoted to ending malnutrition globally.  VitaCup has pledged to donate 2% of all profits to Vitamin Angels to help end the fight against vitamin deficiencies. Each purchase helps us make a difference every day, not just Giving Tuesday.  Learn more about Vitamin Angels here.  

We've also made donations to multiple charitable organizations to help them with fundraising efforts or simply to give volunteers an extra boost with our coffee. This includes the Oral Cancer Foundation and multiple regional youth groups and school groups.  Do you have a great 501c3 charity we should know about?  Let us know!

VitaCup supports employee commitments to making a difference. We've provided donations to causes and granted time off for participation in charitable events. We believe supporting positive pursuits has a multiplying effect; and that we all go further together. 

Everyday Giving

You don’t have to do anything drastic to have a positive impact on our world. Donating clothes, books, toys, blankets etc. to shelters, donating blood, doing a beach or river clean-up, volunteering at an animal shelter or fostering an animal, or even just saying something nice to a stranger (sometimes even just a smile is all it takes). There are many socially conscious companies who are dedicated to giving back and that donate a portion of profits to a good cause It feels great to find a companies where you feel invested in more than just the end product because of a mutual underlying purpose.

You can kill three birds with one stone with our Giving Tuesday promotion: holiday shopping (give the gift of health to a loved one or to yourself), supporting Vitamin Angels with your purchase, and saving 20% on your order with the code GIVE20! 

So, how will you be giving this holiday season?  Tell us below! 

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