How to Share your Extra Boost Story & Win

How to Share your Extra Boost Story & Win

We are so excited about our newest contest to win a Perfect Start Bundle from VitaCup, and we hope you are too!

This sweepstakes allows you to enter to win one of 15 prizes by sending us a short video of "what you would do with an extra boost". We have had a few questions from our customers about how to shoot their entries, and we wanted to share some tips to make it easy!

How to Film A Sweepstakes Entry Video

1.) Film the video on a cell phone camera application. You don't need to be Steven Spielberg! The video can be super simple or as in-depth as you want! Here are some quick filming tips to get the best result!

- Shoot horizontal, not upright
- Make sure you are in a quiet place so we can hear you
- Review the video to make sure everything got recorded correctly

2.) Upload to your Extra Boost video to your favorite social media site

- YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, or Vine all work!
- Having trouble uploading your video? Email us with any questions or concerns at and put "Extra Boost Giveaway" in the subject line.

3.) Fill out the form below with all information, including the link to your video on one of the approved sites.

Example Sweepstakes Videos

Need some inspiration? We've gathered a few examples of people describing what they do or would like to do with their Extra VitaCup boost.


Are you inspired yet? We hope so! Make sure to fill out the form below and stay tuned to see if you are a winner! 



I love this coffee

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.very good stuff

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I love your coffee!! It gets me going in the morning. I take the pods with me every where I go and it taste wonderful!! I never start my day without it!!

Tanya King

Love it

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Great Coffee

Cleophus Graves

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