Immune Health Tips for the Cold and Flu Season

Immune Health - Fighting Illness This Cold & Flu Season

Are you often under the weather during the cold and flu season? Are you sniffling and coughing away while your friends and family are exploring the winter wonderland? If you are dreading getting plagued with multiple colds and bugs during peak flu, and cold times, it might be time to give your immune system a little tune-up.

We've compiled three nifty ways to help bulk up your immune system to be in it's best virus-fighting shape:

We are the Sum of Our Nutrition Parts

  • Eat like a Winner
    Eating right is a critical step to ward off illness. For good health, avoid trans fats, refined carbs, sugars, and processed foods. According to the Cleveland Clinic, “these foods can cause chronic inflammation — a normal bodily process gone awry that can contribute to heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer.” 

  • Digestive Health is Immune Health
    Your digestive system helps you stay healthy more than you might think. Eating a diet that is rich in fiber will help boost your immune system by feeding the good bacteria in your gut. The yin and yang of adding probiotics and prebiotics to your daily routine can further help the natural balance of your personal biome to make sure you are running on all cylinders! You can fortify immunity with 1 billion helpful microorganisms and essential vitamins with VitaCups Probiotic Blend formula.

  • Drink Your Green Tea
    Green Tea is known as a kind of “secret weapon” for the immune system. Green tea has polyphenols called catechins that help your body fight off the flu virus because of its natural anti-viral properties. Even though pumpkin spice lattes are on trend this time of year, you might want to work a cup of Green Tea into your daily rituals.

  • Citrus to the Rescue
    Citrus is a great, natural food source for Vitamin C which is well known to be a big helper in fighting off illness. How does it help? Some of the cells in your immune system gather up Vitamin C and use it to do their jobs. According to a German study in 2009, being low on Vitamin C can make you more susceptible to illness, and taking Vitamin C appears to help reduce the duration of an illness once you’re sick. An orange will also get you 5% of your daily recommended B6 - so during the winter make it “an orange a day” instead of “an apple a day”.  

Increase Vitamin Intake

  • Vitamin B6
    Vitamin B6 is vital in supporting the immune system. You can get B6 in a lot of sources of vegetables, fruits, and meats. For fruits and vegetables try garbanzo beans, raisins, leafy greens, ginger or papaya. If you’re more of a carnivore, you’ll get more B6 from fish, turkey, and chicken than from red meat. Looking for more B6? Reap the benefits of green tea with VitaCup's Matcha Moringa Blend. Give your immune system the ultimate uplift with this ceremonial Green Tea blend, Infused with vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3 & antioxidants. 
  • Vitamin D
    Vitamin D helps your body to absorb Calcium and keep your organs and bones running at peak performance. Vitamin D can be absorbed through the skin from direct sunlight, but also you can increase your intake through foods such as fatty fish and fortified foods such as milk, orange juice, and cereals. Tackle your B & D vitamins with the aforementioned Green Tea. After one cup you've received your essential vitamins for the day, so your immune system can thrive. Take that germs.
  • Folate/Folic Acid
    Folate is the natural form while folic acid is the name of the synthetic form, often added to foods because of its health benefits. To get more folate, add more beans and peas to your plate on a regular basis, as well as leafy green vegetables. Folic Acid can also be found in its synthetic form in all of VitaCup’s formulas, including our newest formula Beauty Blend.

Handle Yourself with Care

  • Get Moving
    Exercise doesn’t have to be in a gym or structured environment. Experts say frequency, intensity, and how long are what matter. Finding just 30 minutes a day activity to do that makes your heart happy can have a significant impact on your health.
  • Sleep Well
    Sleep restores us and has a significant effect on how we feel. Have trouble sleeping? Your diet may be a culprit. Food relates directly to serotonin, along with Vitamin B6, B12, and folic acid which all help promote healthy sleep.
  • Strengthen Relationships
    Research shows that people with close friendships and reliable support systems tend to be healthier than those who lack such supports. Don’t forget to call your friends - you’ll be doing both of you favor this fall!

Hopefully, these ways to help support your immune system! Pair your favorite idea with your favorite VitaCup blend for an immune-boosting super combo.

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