International Womens Day - Women of VitaCup
international womens day

International Womens Day - Women of VitaCup

Happy International Women's Day! You may know us for our growing line of superfood and vitamin-infused coffees and teas but beyond that, we are a team of individuals dedicated to your health and wellness. Did you know that just about half of the VitaCup team is comprised of women? In honor of this inspiring day, a few members of our team would like to share their opinions on being a woman.

Krista- Visual Designer

What is your favorite VitaCup blend? Genius chai black tea
My Superpower (after coffee): Ahem, you mean tea, well it helps soothe me and satisfies my sweet craving without the guilt

"I am proud of who I am, and that includes being a woman. I am powerful but also nurturing and caring. I learned this from my mom, because she is full of love and joy, and gives others the benefit of the doubt."

Mary - Customer Service

What is your favorite VitaCup blend? Probiotic Tea is my thing!
My Superpower (after coffee): My morning tea helps me bust through customer emails at supersonic speed!

"Being a woman is complicated lol it means beauty and strength, like my grandmother. She raised 5 troublemakers (all boys) and worked hard to support them and while she was super sweet she did not take shit!"

Gabi - Sales Coordinator

What is your favorite VitaCup blend? Lightning Blend
My Superpower (after coffee): My morning coffee is the catalyst to accomplish everything that life throws at me.

"I look up to all the women in my life who are doing their best to crush it! Whether that includes family, kids, career, social events - it can all take a toll and it takes strength to stay positive through all the curveballs."


Charlee - Marketing Manager

What is your favorite VitaCup blend? Lightning Blend
My Superpower (after coffee): Tackling all of my work (good thing there is never a caffeine shortage here)

"Being a woman means being a lady - which means to me being strong and independent. Constantly refusing to be told what to do and working hard."


Katherine - Operations Manager

What is your favorite VitaCup blend? French Roast / Genius Instants / Espresso
My Superpower (after coffee): Maximum energy that stays with me all day so I can conquer everything the day throws my way.


"2020 is an amazing time to be a woman. The definition of a woman has a powerful meaning that has evolved over time, thanks to the strong women paving the way before me. Being a woman means being faced with adversity and overcoming it. It means approaching life with grace and grit. It means being able to show empathy while still showing up and kicking ass. It means walking into any given room and being the only woman there but speaking up with confidence and walking with my head high. Being a woman means we come in all shapes and sizes. Being woman is exhausting, challenging and rewarding all wrapped into one."


Brianna Harris - Chief Vitamin Officer

What is your favorite VitaCup blend? Probiotic Blend

My Superpower (after coffee): Task destroyer!

"Being a woman means being strong and capable of anything. I admire all the strong women out there. I look up to Ruth Bader Ginsburg because she was an incredible trailblazer for gender equality. I also look up to my mother for too many reasons to mention, she is the strongest women I know."


Laura  - Customer Service Manager

Favorite Blend:
Probiotic Tea and Genius Blend
My Superpower (after coffee): Super focus! 

"Being a woman means the greatness to procreate is something no man can ever take away from any women. Our patience and sympathy for everyone and everything makes the world an easier place."

Claudia - Marketing

Favorite Blend: Probiotic Blend
My Superpower (after coffee) Getting out of bed
What does being a woman mean to you? Being Smarter than Men



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