Lifehacks for Easy Productivity!

Lifehacks for Easy Productivity!

We are busy people, and sometimes we don’t do everything we can do to maximize our health and productivity. But that doesn't mean we can't change a few simple things that will make a huge difference. Success doesn't happen overnight but happens due to a series of repeated steps.

We’ve put together a list of a few ways to help you maximize your health and productivity!

  1. Exercise.

Everyone knows that exercise is important for the body, but it is also important for your mental well-being, and exercising has been shown to reduce stress.

LIFEHACK TIP: Sleep in your workout gear.  You’re going to take a shower after hitting the gym and your workout gear is already comfy!

  1. Sign Out Of Social Media.

Communicating through social media, making phone calls, emailing, and texting ranks as the 4th biggest workplace distraction behind food and bathroom breaks. Try to remove those  distractions by silencing your phone, exiting out of chat applications and social media applications before you start any important task.

LIFEHACK TIP: Cold Turkey is an App lets you temporarily block these distractions so you can focus and finish your work sooner. Fewer distractions, more free time.

  1. Drink VitaCup.

VitaCup is the perfect way to start your day. Our essential vitamin blend, which includes: B1, B5, B6, B9, B12, D3, and antioxidants, helps to boost your energy level, increase your metabolism, and enhance your mood.

LIFEHACK TIP: VitaCup is a great is great way to get your boost of caffeine, while skipping the time consuming task of measuring out Vitamins. To make sure you get it every week, sign up for a subscription - and you'll also save 10% on every order! 

  1. Declutter and Organize Your Working Environment.

Everyone knows how hard it is to work in a cluttered work space, so clean up your work space and decrease your anxiety, thereby increasing productivity.

LIFEHACK TIP: Store office supplies in an attractive picnic basket. Just grab the basket and move it to a table or desk when you're ready to work, or need to change locations!

  1. Wake Up Early

Waking up early gives you the time you need to start your day right instead of having that rushed feeling. You’ll have more time to do things you might otherwise be too distracted, or too rushed for. Use the morning to read, eat a healthy breakfast, have a nice cup of VitaCup.

LIFEHACK TIP: Manipulate your environment to help you! For example, set your coffee to brew on a timer so it’s there waiting for you when you wake up! 

  1. Save The Work That Energizes You For The Afternoon

Use the down part of the afternoon take on the projects that you're most enthusiastic to work on or that causes you feel engaged and excited. This might provide a pick-me-up to get you through that drowsy part of the afternoon. If that isn’t enough for you, VitaCup’s vitamin infused B-12 coffee might give you the pick up you need!

LIFEHACK TIP: Eat Dark Chocolate! Studies found that after eating chocolate with 60 percent cacao, participants' brain scans showed they were more alert and attentive. Reward yourself after the energizing tasks with some sweets and dark chocolate to make coming back to work after lunch a boost instead of a burden! 

  1. Eat more fat.

Perhaps it sounds counter-intuitive, but fat is excellent for your health and any weight loss efforts. Your cells need fat to function properly. Your nervous system needs fat to communicate. Certain vitamins are only absorbed in the presence of fat. Plus, it keeps you full, AND it tastes great.

LIFEHACK TIP: Try meal prepping for your busy days! It’s a great way to make sure that you are eating right, and aren’t as stressed about what to make for dinner! Chop and measure easy slow cooker meal ingredients during the weekend and place in the freezer or the refrigerator.  Check out this great list of slow cooker recipes!

  1. Do Whatever You Can - Even if You Can't Always Do "The Most".

When it comes to eating Healthy and being productive, you always have to start somewhere. Do what you can today, and tomorrow you will feel better because of what you did the day before.

LIFEHACK TIP: Ten minutes trampolining burns the same calories as a 30-minute run, with 80% less bone impact. Twenty minutes, saved.

  1. Drink Water Before Every Meal

We all need to drink more water. But instead of trying to start drinking ten glasses water per day, instead try drinking a glass before every meal. Now you are well hydrated and will eat less!

LIFEHACK TIP: Use a water infuser, like this one, to try different combinations of fruit and other flavor enhancers for a fresh, tasty drink.

We hope our tips for Healthy and Productive living help you be the best version of yourself! We hope you take VitaCup on your journey and show today who is boss!

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Hey, just returned home to FL after hurricane Irma- my samples of VitA Cup were waiting—- first cup today!!! Awesome
Great flavor- excellent idea!! Thank you!!


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