Matchup 4 - VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets

Matchup 4 - VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets

Announcing Bracket Matchup 4 for VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets

It's our 4th matchup for our VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets. Gourmet Decaf Blend versus Stellar Bundle in a battle of bundle against decaf. Our Decaf blend has been a popular option for people who want delicious vitamin infused coffee without the caffeine.  The Stellar Bundle is one of our newest bundles that has a box of Gourmet Breakfast Blend, a box of Gourmet House Blend and two boxes of Genius Blend for a bundle of coffee flavors that will leave you feeling stellar every morning - and for getting such a great deal.  Our bundles already enjoy low prices, and an extra 25% off makes this an excellent deal, even with the delay of orders including Genius Blend.  Ordering now puts you at the top of the list to receive this bundle as soon as it's off the production lines on 3/23.  Use the code BRACKET4 to get 25% off either flavor and "vote" for your pick!

Who Won Bracket Matchup 3?

The bracket 3 matchup of Genius Blend vs. French Vanilla was a flavor filled battle between two blends with tremendous flavor. French Vanilla has built up a base of fans over the past year, but the classic French Vanilla was handily defeated by newcomer and rookie favorite, Genius Blend. Genius Blend ran away with the race and dominated its rival with a clear victory. It will go on to face either Decaf Blend or Stellar Bundle in the next round of the brackets. 

Who Won the 16 $25 Gift Cards?

We are awarding 16 customers who pick the "winning flavor" $25 gift cards all throughout the first round of our brackets.  In order to win, you must purchase your favorite flavor between the time of the matchup announcement and 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time the final day of the matchup (using the active promo code associated with the matchup).  These are the 16 savvy Genius Blend lovers who won during our third matchup! 

    1. Wendy  Fitzgerald
    2. Toni Reed
    3. Kristen Holland
    4. Barbara Peters
    5. Suzanne Fraley
    6. Leigh Flowers
    7. Casey Dolan
    8. Cheryl Casselman
    9. Molly Baffa
    10. Heather Salazar
    11. Earline Campbell
    12. Joan Rogers
    13. Tom Gibbons
    14. Tami Santi
    15. Gail Allender
    16. Elizabeth Smith

    Where Can I Read More About the Brackets?

    Learn more by visiting our first blog post. Stay up to date here, on our blog, or stay subscribed on our email or SMS programs for regular updates.  

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    I really like these Vitacups, i have more energy at work and they taste better then just reg. Coffee, good product.

    Mary chainus

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