Matchup 4 Update - Gourmet Decaf Blend vs. Stellar Bundle

Matchup 4 Update - Gourmet Decaf Blend vs. Stellar Bundle

Matchup 4 Update - Gourmet Decaf Blend vs. Stellar Bundle

Our fourth matchup going to be a nail biter. The Gourmet Decaf Blend is nipping at the heels of Stellar Bundle with only a 1% difference - it’s nearly a dead heat.  While Decaf has a loyal following of vitamin lovers who could do without the caffeine, the Stellar Bundle has a variety of flavors with the Genius Blend, Gourmet Breakfast Blend and Gourmet House Blend flavors all in one convenient order.  Even with the Genius Blend out of production and shipping 3/23 due to high demand, the flavor has held its popularity and has customers ordering just packs such a punch that, even with a delay around purchases, the bundle is creating an exciting opportunity for customers to save big when they order big.  Decaf still has a fighting chance to win this battle, with the margin paper-thin and officially too close to call. Purchase before midnight, Friday March 15, 2018 with the code BRACKET4 and get 25% off either flavor - good for a single purchase or a new subscription. 

How Much Longer Until The Winning Flavor Is Picked?

We will count all orders placed for Gourmet Decaf Blend and Stellar Bundle until 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time on March 15, 2018 to do a tally of the winning flavor. The winning flavor is selected by the total number of pods sold between 12:01 AM March 13, 2018 and 6:30 PM March 15, 2018.  

What Happens With the Winning Flavor?

When the winner is picked, it will go on to the next round of the brackets for a special, mystery discount.  

When Do You Announce Gift Card Winners?

Customers who purchase during the bracket have a chance to win a $25 VitaCup gift card. We're selecting 16 customer winners from each matchup in the 1st round of the brackets when we pull the final winning flavor at 6:30 PM.  We will contact the winning customers via email and publish a list of winners right here in our blog! 

Can You Tell Me More About How the Brackets Work?

You can read our announcement blog post here and see how they work or you can see the bracket outline below to see the matchups at a glance.  

May the best flavor win! 


Gourmet blend is my favorite

Maria Ortiz

I would love to try your deCalf gourmet. As soon as possible.
Thank you R.I.PENCE

Richard Pence
The Genius blend is my favorite!! So I guess that’s I. The stellar bundle.
Nancy Hall

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