Matchup 6 - VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets

Matchup 6 - VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets

Announcing Bracket Matchup 6 for VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets

It's our 6th matchup for our VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets. Gourmet Decaf Blend versus Genius where this hot rookie flavor takes on the Decaf fan favorite. We sold so much Genius Blend that we went out of stock, but don't worry, we've made more.  We're getting orders out this week.  Decaf defeated the Stellar Bundle in matchup 4 and overcame a bundle that heavily featured our rookie flavor.  Will the single box of Genius Blend suffer the same fate as the Stellar Bundle and get knocked out of the contest? OR, will Genius Blend continue to display its powerhouse capabilities like it did in its matchup against French Vanilla.  Orders of $30 or more will get 30% off these two popular flavors.  Use the code BRACKET6 to get 30% off either flavor and "vote" for your pick!

Who Won Bracket Matchup 5?

The bracket 5 matchup was neck and neck at the last checkin, and the race stayed close to the finish.  In the end, the light roast ruled, and Gourmet Breakfast Blend kept its modest lead to beat out the formidable dark French Roast. Gourmet Breakfast Blend will carry on to the finals to face off with the winner of this race, matchup 6. 

Who Won the 8 $50 Gift Cards?

We are awarding 8 customers who pick the "winning flavor" $50 gift cards all throughout the second round of our brackets.  In order to win, you must purchase your favorite flavor between the time of the matchup announcement and 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time the final day of the matchup (using the active promo code associated with the matchup).  These are the 8 savvy Gourmet Breakfast Blend lovers who won during our fifth matchup! 

  1. Marjorie Reeder
  2. Leland Gustin
  3. Danielle Behanna
  4. Paul Choe
  5. Malori Williamson
  6. Doris Gentry
  7. Valerie Richter
  8. Elizabeth  Beaulieu

Where Can I Read More About the Brackets?

Learn more by visiting our first blog post. Stay up to date here, on our blog, or stay subscribed on our email or SMS programs for regular updates.   

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