Matchup 7 Update - VitaCup Madness Flavor Bracket

Matchup 7 Update - VitaCup Madness Flavor Bracket

Matchup 7 Update - Gourmet Breakfast Blend vs. Genius Blend

Our seventh matchup is shaping up to be another runaway race. The Gourmet Breakfast Blend was the single strongest competitor who had a chance against this new flavor, but it's in the lead against the light roast favorite by 72% on day two of the finals. Is there any way that Gourmet Breakfast Blend can close in on this gap?  It can happen, depending on how many customers purchase these flavors before 6:30 PM Pacific Time 3/24.  Purchase before midnight, Sunday, March 21st, 2018 with the code BRACKET7 and get 30% off any subscription order for the first three months.  Plus, four lucky customers will receive $100 VitaCup Gift Cards. 

How Much Longer Until The Winning Flavor Is Picked?

We will count all orders placed for Gourmet Breakfast Blend and Genius Blend up until 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time on March 24, 2018, to do a tally of the winning flavor. The winning flavor is selected by the total number of pods sold between 12:01 AM March 12, 2018, and 6:30 PM March 24, 2018.  

What Happens With the Winning Flavor?

When the winner is picked - we will all celebrate!  

When Do You Announce Gift Card Winners?

Customers who purchase during the bracket have a chance to win a $100 VitaCup gift card. We're selecting 4 customer winners in the final brackets when we pull the final winning flavor at 6:30 PM March 24st.  We will contact the winning customers via email and publish a list of winners right here in our blog! 

Can You Tell Me More About How the Brackets Work?

You can read our announcement blog post here and see how they work or you can see the bracket outline below to see the matchups at a glance.  

Finals Matchup 7 for VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets - Gourmet Breakfast Blend vs. Genius Blend.

May the best flavor win! 


I love this coffee

Amanda Julian


Kathy grusczynski

Live the gourmet breakfast


I am trying the Breakfast Blend now, but would like to try the Genius blend.

Charles Wilson

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