Matchup 7 - VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets FINAL MATCHUP

Matchup 7 - VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets FINAL MATCHUP

Announcing Bracket Matchup 7 for VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets

It's our 7th matchup for our VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets. Gourmet Breakfast Blend versus Genius where this hot rookie flavor takes on our light roast star player. We sold so much Genius Blend that we went out of stock, but don't worry, we've made more. We're getting orders out this week and we're almost caught up. Since these flavors are fan favorites, we've designed a matchup that fans will be fanatical about. Get 30% off either flavor for 3 months and get your favorite flavor every month at this low price - just use the code BRACKET7 to get 30% off either flavor's subscription - your order acts as a "vote" to pick VitaCup's favorite flavor!  PLUS - 4 lucky customers who purchase will win a $100 gift card! 

Who Won Bracket Matchup 6?

The bracket 6 matchup a runaway race from Genius Blend who walloped Gourmet Decaf Blend. Gourmet Decaf Blend showed up strong against the Stellar Bundle and showed a lot of promise. However, the Genius Blend has been such a breakout star that it appears that it may be unbeatable. However, Gourmet Breakfast Blend is light on roast, but heavy on star power of its own. Watch carefully to find out the winner of this matchup and who will be crowned as "VitaCup's Most Popular Flavor".

Who Won the 8 $50 Gift Cards

We are awarding 8 customers who pick the "winning flavor" $50 gift cards all throughout the second round of our brackets.  In order to win, you must purchase your favorite flavor between the time of the matchup announcement and 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time the final day of the matchup (using the active promo code associated with the matchup).  These are the 8 savvy Genius Blend lovers who won during our sixth matchup!

  1. Cindy White
  2. Sarah Bowser
  3. Erica Hunt
  4. Joyce Rembert
  5. Nada Lindstrom
  6. Gregory Grindle
  7. Beverly Edwards
  8. Leigh Ann Woodside

Where Can I Read More About the Brackets?

Learn more by visiting our first blog post. Stay up to date here, on our blog, or stay subscribed on our email or SMS programs for regular updates.   

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