VitaCup Gives Free Coffee To Medical Staff

VitaCup Gives Free Coffee To Medical Staff

Brandon Fishman CEO and founder of VitaCup took notice to the countless hours, nurses and doctors have selflessly dedicated their time and skills to help combat the Coronavirus. Hospital employee's shifts have begun to meld into full days and nights. Hence, why staying fueled and alert is crucial. Fishman saw a chance to help their efforts and has since donated over 20,000 pods and shots of VitaCup coffee to hospitals in San Diego.  

Fishman stepped up to the plate to try and keep doctors, nurses and medical employees energized and nourished during this difficult time. VitaCup's coffee is not only an excellent source of caffeine to stay alert, but it is infused with superfoods like MCT, nootropics, and or probiotics, along with essential vitamins to fortify defenses and nourish the body. Coffee and tea supplies are becoming scarce at bustling hospitals, ad keeping up with daily vitamins in a crisis, are easily forgotten. Fishman teamed up with Sharp HealthCare hospitals to arrange a safe and sanitized donation for their employees.

Furthermore, Fishman personally delivered sanitized boxes of coffee to the homes of medical professionals who needed an extra boost. After hearing about the selfless sacrifices medical workers are making, Fishman made an announcement on Instagram last Friday, for medical professionals and staff, offering to help. He asked that any medical worker in need of coffee to reach out to him via email, and they did just that. Fishman spent the day personally sanitizing and delivering packages of coffee to their homes, keeping a safe distance. Every single nurse that has reached out to him personally has received coffee as a sincere thank you for their brave efforts.

In addition to home deliveries, Fishman worked with hospitals to organize donations of coffee packages to several ICU's, and nurse's stations, to keep their staff energized. Medical workers are working double, and triple shifts to attend to patients, so this small act of kindness goes a long way. 

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