National Coffee Month - Free Box a Day Giveaway!

National Coffee Month - Free Box a Day Giveaway!

National Coffee Month is here!  We want to celebrate with you!

Throughout the month of August, we will be celebrating National Coffee Month with a box a day giveaway. That's one free box per day for 31 days!


This contest is open to anyone! There's no purchase necessary to enter.  You just sign up to our Rewards program with a valid email address to enter to win our daily giveaway. We want to celebrate those in our loyalty program and will be pulling one lucky winner every day from those who have signed up to be a part of our loyalty program.  All of our current customers with active Rewards accounts are already entered to win, and won't need to take any additional action! 

That's not all, when you enter our Rewards program, you get 200 points in your  account that you can apply to future purchases!


VitaCup will announce the winners on this blog post each day.  Our team will select a rewards member at random and populate the first name, last initial, and hometown of the winner here by 6 PM Pacific Standard Time every day of the month. 


  1. Create a loyalty account on our website when prompted after purchase (or click here).
  2. Begin as a Bronze member and move up through the tiers by making purchases and earning points.
  3. Earn 5 points on your account for every $1.00 you spend ($1.00 = 5 points)
  4. Get awarded points for additional activities, like following us on social media and referring friends who make a purchase.
  5. Redeem your points for discounts, and products on our site
  6. Higher tiers = more perks!


BRONZE --> 0-699 points: $1.00 = 5 points
SILVER --> 700-2,000 points:  $1.00 = 6 points
GOLD --> 2,001-5,000 points:  $1.00 = 8 points
PLATINUM --> 5,001+ points:  $1.00 = 10 points (2X Bronze points!)
SUBSCRIBER --> $1.00 = 10 points (2X Bronze Points right away!)
So, what are you waiting for? Enroll in VitaCup Rewards now!


  • August 1 -¬† Jon M. from Del Mar, CA
  • August 2 -¬†Leah H. from Ada, OK¬†
  • August 3 -¬†Rebecca L. from Laredo, TX
  • August 4 -¬†Barbara B. from¬†Fort Myers, FL
  • August 5 -¬†Charles M. from¬†Norcross, GA
  • August 6 -¬†Eve S. from¬†Camp Hill, PA
  • August 7 - David L. from Morganville, NJ
  • August 8 -¬†Cam D. from¬†Ben Avon, PA
  • August 9 - Susan D. from¬†Carrollton, GA
  • August 10 - Lisa B. from¬†Douglasville, GA
  • August 11 -¬†Linda H. from Mauk, GA
  • August 12 - Kimberly S. from¬†Laingsburg, MI
  • August 13 -¬†Rosemary F. from¬†Atoka, TN¬†
  • August 14 - Lydia A from Tucson, AZ
  • August 15 -¬†Kara M. from Orland Park, IL
  • August 16 - Sherry C. from Brooklyn, NY
  • August 17 -¬†William G. from¬†Philadelphia, PA
  • August 18 - Crystal S. from¬†Gardnerville, NV
  • August 19 -¬†Marie M. from¬†Waterbury CT
  • August 20 -¬†Sandra P. from Phoenix, AZ¬†
  • August 21 - Lynn B. from Avenue, MD
  • August 22 - Kathryn F. from¬†Princeton, NC
  • August 23 - Heather J. from¬†Muncy, PA
  • August 24 - Cindy W. from¬†Middleport NY
  • August 25 -¬†Barbara P. from¬†Midlothian, TX
  • August 26 -¬†Carolyn P. from¬†Ellijay, GA
  • August 27 - Lori L. from¬†Yuba City, CA¬†
  • August 28 -¬†De'Anne H. from¬†Seabrook, TX¬†
  • August 29 -¬†Phil A. from¬†Auburn, GA¬†
  • August 30 - Gary W. from Chicago, IL
  • August 31 - Molly A. from Winston-Salem, NC


I would like to enter your contest and also learn more about your coffee. I love full-bodied strong coffee. I have been a coffee lover since I was 14 years old and I will be 65 next month.

Angela Thorsen

Coffee is our daily drink, like it.

Faustina Merry

Loving your Vita Cup coffee. Gives me an extra boost to get my day on track. Winning a free box would be great.

Carolyn R. Moore

I love coffee. I drink every single morning and in the evenings most of the time. We also carry it to all of our grandson’s football games. So I would love to try your coffee.

Marlene Stewart

Love the coffee. Especially like French Vanilla.

Loretta Engelbart

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