New!  Cold Brew Instant Sticks

New! Cold Brew Instant Sticks

Attention cold brew lovers: Introducing infused instant cold brew coffee sticks! The new Slim and Genius Blend portable cold brew sticks are infused with the superfoods and vitamins you need and the gourmet taste you love. 

Enjoy this nutritious and delicious cold brew at home or on-the-go with the pocket-sized instant coffee packets that can be served either hot or cold. Forget what you know about instant coffee and prepare to be amazed!


Instant Coffee Sticks Genius Blend VitaCupEach stick of Genius Blend instant coffee is infused with essential B & D vitamins, plus added antioxidants - because we care.  All the ingredients found in this brainy blend create the perfect morning medley for your mind, body, and soul. And the taste? Unparalleled. Feed your brain a symphony of healthy fats that boost energy, metabolism, and focus with an infusion of naturally sourced MCT. VitaCup’s Genius Blend is a gourmet medium roast made from premium 100% Arabica beans, infused with MCT oil (medium-chain triglycerides) to kickstart your brain and get your genius juices flowing, turmeric for a powerful boost of antioxidants and immunity-boosting, and cinnamon for an additional dose of antioxidant power and, of course, a perfect hint of sweetness. 




Slim Instant Sticks Vitacup

Wake up on the right track with a cup of the gourmet Slim Blend cold brew coffee, fortified with naturally sourced Garcinia cambogia, artichoke inulin (a natural fiber), and a powerhouse blend of essential vitamins. Pair this skinny coffee with a nutrient-rich diet and exercise to kickstart your wellness journey! 

Each vegan stick of Slim Blend instant coffee is also infused with premium essential vitamins B1, B5, B6, B9, and B12 to keep your body performing at its peak.  All the ingredients found in this gourmet blend create the perfect morning medley for your mind, body, and soul. And the taste? Unparalleled

Slim down one sip at a time with this Garcinia cambogia-infused “skinny” cold brew coffee. Could this be the missing link in your fitness journey?

1,2, Sip       

Instant coffee sticks VitaCup

 The ultimate cold brew is ready in less than a minute! No brewer needed! Whipping up a body-boosting mug of the Slim or Genius Blend, is easy as one, two, three, with the cold brew instant sticks. 

Step 1: Fill a cup or water bottle with 6oz of hot or cold water

Step 2: Pour in 1 packet of the Genius Blend cold brew instant coffee 

Step 3: Stir or shake for 10 seconds, then nourish your body & enjoy!

Our new cold brew instant sticks are selling out fast. Whether you're looking for diet support or brain fuel, we have the instant coffee for you.

Find out what cold brew lovers are raving about and try our vitamin-infused Slim and Genius Blend.

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