Introducing NEW VitaCup Peeps Infused Coffee!

Introducing NEW VitaCup Peeps Infused Coffee!

New VitaCup Peeps Coffee, Perfect for Springtime!

Join us in celebrating  our brand new "Peeps" Infused Coffee!

VitaCup Peeps Infused Coffee

Struggling to keep your energy up during the day? Looking for an easier way to get your recommended daily serving of marshmallows? Seeking simplicity in the quest to sip in more Springtime?

VitaCup Peeps Infused Coffee has you covered!

Join VitaCup as we re-imagine the marshmallow and help you to realize that this ancient treat has unique nutritional values!  

Did you know that the Egyptians used the marsh-grown mallow plant (Athea officinalis) as a sweet sap they would add to nuts and honey - over 2000 years ago? The mallow plant literally translates to the word “to heal” in Greek ἄλθειν (althein). This super-plant has been known to reduce the irritation of mucous membranes. It has also been recommended for use as an antiseptic-like gargle to help reduce sore throats or even soothe mouth and throat ulcers.

Never fear, you don’t have to juice your own marshmallows to get the therapeutic effects of the plant. We’ve done the hard work for you. Now you can gargle with VitaCup Peeps flavored coffee and get all of those benefits while bringing the great flavors of coffee and color coated marshmallow treats together as one.

Still not convinced? Hear what people are saying!

“I’ve been juicing my own marshmallows and adding them to my coffee for months.  This gets me all of my energy and nutritional benefits without the hassle. Thanks, VitaCup!” - Daisy Paas from Coos Bay, OR

“I’d been searching for new ways to hit my recommended daily servings of sugar, holiday joy, and vitamins - but it was just so hard to get into a new routine.  Now, I just pop a Peeps infused VitaCup pod into my brewer and I never have to forget. Plus, the flavor? AH-MAZING!” - Peter Cottontail from Enid, OK

This product is sure to get mallow-hungry customers hopping to their stores to enjoy this hot new beverage.  The company plans to hide the new pods at different grocery stores throughout the country, taking interested customers on a virtual treasure hunt for this nutritious and delicious springtime treat!

VitaCup "Peeps" infused flavored coffee will launch...


Happy April Fools Day!


Lol that was a good one! All jokes aside, I would like to see a mocha VitaCup!

Tara Mitchell

I knew it right away very cute

Vanessa Valery

Ha! Very funny… can you also take credit for the spring 2 inches of snow Pittsburgh PA got today? Hope the 25% off is no joke. Ordering my genius blend today! Thanks Vitacup!


🤣 I knew this was a joke right away. I love my Genius coffee. My only complaint is ya’ll need to get on the ball, and make it faster. When are ya’ll going to start giving credit for referals?
A Vitacup Fan

Sharianne Stillwell

I so wanted to try the flavor, but when I read the juicing part, I figured you was kidding lol. Very cleaver.

Jason Mitchell

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