Coffee House Style Romantic Valentine's Acoustic Playlist

Coffee House Style Romantic Valentine's Acoustic Playlist

When words escape us, we turn to music. 

Nothing can leave us more tongue tied than falling in love. Whether you're just singing an ode to how much your coffee means to you when you see it each morning (the love is REAL), or whether you have found "the one" that makes you feel more vibrant every moment, the right romantic playlist can fill up your lovin' cup. 

This romantic YouTube playlist is compiled completely from songs that are all unplugged, stripped down, and acoustic - just the kind of style you might expect in a really special coffee shop. You might have even met your special someone at a coffee shop for your first date (and we threw in some coffee themed songs if you can find them)!

We picked out some of our favorites at VitaCup headquarters including classic rock artists, new contemporary ballads and original covers of popular tunes including some songs that were special to us. A few of these were wedding songs for people on the VitaCup team. So turn your love-shack into a cozy coffee cabin and cuddle up with this playlist of intimate and endearing ballads. 

Did we help keep your love light burning? What's your favorite romantic song? 


You almost nailed it! I would have picked Stevie Wonders “You are the Sunshine of my Life” and I would have added Roberta Flack’s “Killing me Softly”. Perfect!

Bill Reuhl

Love this playlist, especially “Baby I’m Yours” :)


“ Since I Fell for You”,,, Lenny Welch

Karen Landers

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