Students & Coffee: What You Need To Know

Students & Coffee: What You Need To Know

Tis’ the season for college students making the migration back to campus and getting a taste of what the real world has to offer. When we think back on college memories, we mainly remember all the good times, but can completely forget how much the work and stress over the years can take a toll on our bodies. 

College is usually where we get our first taste of all nighters; working through the night and into the morning to hit a deadline, finish a paper, or cram for a test. It's also one of the first places we get introduced to a regular regimen of caffeinated products. Starbucks, as well as other major coffee houses, are cropping up on university campuses around the country, and coffee is becoming the drink of choice for a lot of teenagers. 

Did you know 92% of college students consume coffee, but only 30% of students make their own coffee rather than buy from coffee shops? 

Why are so many college students drinking coffee? Caffeine is said to improve levels of alertness while reducing fatigue, enabling the brain to retain information better. With students under high levels of pressure to digest and remember large volumes of data, often in a short space of time, it has some obvious benefits for college age students. 

How College Students Can Save Money On Coffee

Whether you’re just starting at your university or already familiar with the overnight studying, caffeine is an expensive necessity for many students. Coming in at an average of $3-$4 a cup, a coffee daily adds up quickly. The typical college student might spend around $15-$20 a week on coffee, which means over a thousand dollars in just one year. But with late nights in the library and early mornings in classrooms, coffee seems like a necessary evil for that degree. 

Here are a few ways to save hundreds of dollars on an ultimately too-delicious-to-resist habit.

  1. BYOM: Bring Your Own Mug: Many coffee shops will offer discounts anywhere between 10 to 50 cents, or even as high as $1, for bringing your own reusable cup, mug or mason jar. Just be sure to ask your local coffee shop if they offer this discount. You’ll also be more environmentally friendly as well. Not only do you help cut down on the 25 billion styrofoam cups that are thrown away each day, but you can also sip coffee from the comfort and coziness of your own fun mug. Want a FREE travel mug? Check out VitaCup’s best-seller coffee pod sampler today
  2. Use Cafe’s Reward Programs: Support your local coffee shop! Most cafes offer punch or stamp cards for a free drink after 8 or 10 purchases. They’re even typically valid for any size and any drink, so make sure to go wild! Plus, they usually stamp you if you also buy something else, like a pastry, which you — let’s be real — were probably going to buy anyway. Next time, volunteer to go on the coffee run for your friends on your study break, get rewarded for all their drinks, and celebrate with that extra-large, double shot macchiato that you can now get for free.
  3. Make Coffee in Your Dorm: As college students, you probably don’t have the time to roast, grind and brew your own coffee. Nor do you have the funds to sink into a $300 espresso machine. But a French press, a chic little press-and-filter apparatus, will brew a seriously smooth and sweet tasting cup of coffee. It’s readily available everywhere and super cheap, too. Another brewing option that saves time, money, and space is purchasing a single-serve coffee pod brewing machine. After you press a button and wait less than 3 minutes, you can be sipping on a delicious hot coffee without any mess!
  4. Reliable Coffee Subscription: When you choose to make your coffee at home, you not only enjoy drinking your trusted brew whenever you want without waiting in line, but you can also get your favorites delivered right to your door at a discount. Some coffee subscriptions come with exclusive perks. For example, VitaCup’s Subscribe and Save program allows you to subscribe and save 25% off with free shipping on any product on our site. Never have to worry about running out or overpaying for your  favorite coffee again! 

Healthier Coffees for College Students

When it comes to caffeine consumption on campus, there is no shortage of energy drinks available. However, when you’re in a cram for a quick energy boost, reaching for the energy drink instead of coffee can result in caffeine jitters, a sugar crash, an elevated heart rate, or an increase in blood pressure. While you may feel a boost in alertness for a few hours, the harmful effect on the nervous system may not be worth it. So, let’s stick to coffee or tea! 

VitaCup is growing in popularity among college students because of its price and nutritional benefits! If you are a parent or college student yourself, you will be glad to know that every VitaCup product is created by our Registered Dietitian, Brianna Harris. As a mom herself, she is dedicated to designing functional brews that provide exceptional flavor and health benefits from infused vitamins and superfoods. 

Elevate your college dorm caffeine essentials with VitaCup today! Whether you’re in the mood for an instant matcha tea, a satisfying and hydrating cold brew, or a warm, classic dark roast, we have what you need to succeed this semester.

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