Top 3 Benefits of Drinking Hydration Coffee

Top 3 Benefits of Drinking Hydration Coffee

“Stay hydrated” is one of those time-tested pieces of nutritional advice you’ve been hearing your whole life — and likely still fail to follow. Hydration can be tricky because most of us don’t think to drink fluids until we are thirsty. However, the effects of mild dehydration have already gone beyond thirst at that point, and now you may be on track for increased fatigue, dizziness, and headaches. 

The gold standard of hydration comes from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, which recommends that women get about 2.7 liters (L) of fluid per day and men get about 3.7 L per day. About 20 percent of that comes from the foods you eat, so that leaves about 2.2 L (nine 8-oz cups) for women and 3.0 L (thirteen 8-oz cups) for men coming from the fluids you drink.

What is Hydration Coffee? 

There are many hydrating beverages on the market today, including popular brands that combine electrolytes with artificial flavors and sweeteners. Hydration Coffee is a one-of-kind classic medium roast coffee infused with naturally sourced electrolytes and minerals for optimal hydration. Containing only 2 grams of sugar in each serving, Hydration Coffee is proven to have similar hydrating abilities as water, but with more nutrients than your average glass! 

Hydration Coffee is custom crafted by our expert roastmasters and Registered Dietitian to help your body feel rejuvenated and refreshed with a caffeine kick. This specialty coffee contains naturally-derived electrolytes and minerals like potassium from coconut water, pink Himalayan salt, and Aquamin Magnesium®. 

What are the Benefits of Drinking Hydration Coffee? 

Hydration Coffee is ideal for any coffee drinker looking for an extra boost in hydration and electrolytes. Whether you’re an active adventurer, a fitness warrior, or just enjoy a good cup of nutritional coffee, Hydration Coffee will easily be your favorite essential. Here are the top 3 benefits of drinking Hydration Coffee. 

  1. Energizing Coffee: Made with premium medium roast coffee beans, Hydration Coffee provides a great boost of energy. Experience a crisp and mellow taste, smooth texture, and light aroma in each cup.
  1. Elevated Skin Care: Our body’s cells and tissues are mainly water. The skin is “hydrated” from the inside out by pulling fluid from the capillary blood flow in the skin. But did you know if there isn’t enough water to pull from — say, if you’re dehydrated — skin can effectively dry out? Drinking lots of fluids and eating hydrating foods can help take your skincare routine to a new level. 
  1. Less Sugar & No Artificial Flavors: Compared to other hydrating beverages out there, Hydration Coffee contains zero artificial ingredients or sweeteners, has more electrolytes than a regular glass of water and contains only 2 grams of sugar to help the body rehydrate. 

Sometimes we need more than just plain water to hydrate our bodies throughout the day. Why not enjoy your daily morning cup of coffee with the added benefits of hydrating superfoods and minerals? Try Hydration Coffee today, available now in single-serve coffee pods or travel-friendly instant sticks!

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