7 Trending Exercise Routines You'll Love

7 Trending Exercise Routines You'll Love

Are you looking for a new workout trend to try? These 2019 workout trends started as favorites in 2018, and we expect you’ll love them this year too. Trying a new class or workout regimen is a great way to get and move this year and accomplish all of your fitness goals.

Treadmills are Taking Over

Classpass - excellent service for finding workout classes all over your city - saw an 82% increase in courses that involve treadmills. Most classes that include a treadmill are usually classified as HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) and incorporate these treadmills for periods. Orange Theory Fitness is an excellent example of one of these classes.

Aerial Yoga

Love Yoga? Want to take your yoga skills to the next level? Or maybe want to try something fun and new? Aerial Yoga is a great way to do that as it is a form of yoga, pilates, and dance that is done in the air with the use of a hammock. These classes are deceptively easy, but you will be feeling it in your arms and abs later.  

The Workout Dress

Who said only tennis players could wear a skirt and stay active? Many popular fitness brands are now offering a more modern take on the skort (half skirt, half shorts) with a workout dress. The workout dress is a durable and adorable invention that makes sure you never sweat, you glisten. 

Making the Most of Your Time

Most people don’t have two hours to spend at the gym a day. That is where we meet up with our friend HIIT we talked about earlier. Even if you aren’t a fan of treadmills, these classes can be the perfect new thing to try. HIIT makes it possible for classes that are 45 minutes or less to be just as, and sometimes even more, effective than more extended traditional classes or a session just lifting weights or running. Plus, shorter classes make it harder to talk yourself out of skipping!


Ever seen a rowing machine? Ever tried one? If you haven’t this might be the perfect thing for you. These machines have been incorporated in many studio gyms and classes recently because they are a fantastic way to target most of the muscles in the body while keeping your exercise low impact unlike other forms of cardio, for example running which can be hard on joints.

BollyX Dancing Workout

If you liked Zumba, you'd love this Bollywood inspired dancing workout.  Upbeat, energetic music is the backdrop to another High-Intensity Interval Training (HITT) program that helps you learn some popular moves from India's fun and festive Bollywood style of dancing. Best of all, if you find dancing fun, it can be gratifying when you're burning up to 850 calories per hour.  Plus, dance is a great way to keep your mind healthy by helping improve overall balance, reduce dizziness, reduce stress, and use several parts of your brain at once to help form stronger connections and develop muscle memory. 

Mental Health Comes to the Forefront

If you have ever practiced yoga or had a personal trainer, you will know mindset is an essential part of any exercise routine. Many classes, fitness gurus, and even health professionals are starting to realize how tied into exercise mental health is. Next time you work out try focus on enjoying the mind-body connection instead on just focusing on getting through it. You might be surprised how much more you appreciate the gym.

No matter what workout regime is your favorite, it is essential to try and be active every day. An object in motion stays in motion, and it's easier to continue to be fit if you get your momentum with some daily activity. Plus, when you are active and incorporating low impact exercise into your day, your joints stay resilient and more lubricated, which sparked a popular saying for physicians and rheumatologists, "motion is lotion."  

What do you think? Did we miss the mark or are you ready to try one of these workout trends this year? Let us know what your favorite type of exercise is!

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