[VIDEO] Making VitaCup in a Drip Brewer

[VIDEO] Making VitaCup in a Drip Brewer

VitaCup now has loose coffee available for purchase, but it you only have pods around, you can still use them to enjoy a nice pot of brewed coffee from your favorite drip brewer, or french press.

VitaCup is a unique style of coffee pod capsule that features a removable lid. The removable cover was initially designed so to allow coffee lovers to peel the lid and recycle the pod, but you can just as easily dump the grounds in a drip coffee pot or french press.

The pods have the perfect amount of grounds, so there is no messy measuring involved! Just dump and go!

We've made a short little video to demonstrate how easy it is to use VitaCup in your favorite drip brewer or standard coffee pot!

So to recap, just follow these steps!

  1. Determine the number of 8 oz. servings you want to make
  2. Pour out one pod per 8 oz. serving into the filter by peeling back the lid and dumping out the grinds
  3. Toss those recyclable LIDs & CAPSULES into your recycling bin
  4. Measure the appropriate amount of water for your pods
  5. Brew as normal!

This is a great way for people who don't want to add a new device to their already tight counter spaces to use the product.

Did you know?  One of the reasons we love to put our vitamin infused coffee into the pods is because they stay fresher longer?  Coffee get oxidized when exposed to air, and so do vitamins.  Our pods are sealed with a special nitrogen flush to push out the oxygen and preserve the freshness of the vitamins.  That's why the single serve capsules are where we started.  

We hope you enjoyed our tips to making VitaCup with your pods in a drip brewer.  Be sure to order some of our pods or some of our new ground coffee and try it today! 


Let me know when you offer lose coffee for drip and percolators … don’t do Pod coffee ..

August DiVittorio

Thanks for your prompt reply and video info. That will get me off to a good start.

Milt Johnson

Would love to try this

Sandra lutchmidat

I want to try the de-car. Will accept drivery asap. Thank you.

Shirley Boessen

Thank you for your helpful reply. \ Tony

Tony De Bone

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