VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets - Matchup 3

VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets - Matchup 3

Announcing Bracket Matchup 3 for VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets

It's our 3rd matchup for our VitaCup Madness Flavor Brackets. French Vanilla versus Genius Blend in a battle for flavored goodness.  It's a classic Vanilla flavor versus this season's breakout star, the Genius Blend.  Genius Blend has been so popular, in fact, that it's in production for another run now, the next batch off our production line in just about a week and a half.  Ordering now puts you at the top of the list to receive this flavor as soon as it's off the production lines.  Use the code BRACKET3 to get 25% off either flavor and "vote" for your pick!

Who Won Bracket Matchup 2?

The bracket 2 matchup of Green Tea vs. Gourmet Breakfast Blend pitted light roast against delicious Green Tea with Matcha and Moringa for a flavor filled battle. Even though we have a lot of loyal tea lovers out there, we had nearly twice the number of Gourmet Breakfast Blend fans show up for their favorite flavor. This blowout was a clear victory that helps the fan favorite progress to the next tier of brackets where it will face off with our dark French Roast.  

Genius Blend vs. French Vanilla for Bracket Matchup 3

Who Won the 16 $25 Gift Cards?

We are awarding 16 customers who pick the "winning flavor" $25 gift cards all throughout the first round of our brackets.  In order to win, you must purchase your favorite flavor between the time of the matchup announcement and 6:30 PM Pacific Standard Time the final day of the matchup (using the active promo code associated with the matchup).  These are the 16 savvy Gourmet Breakfast Blend lovers who won during our first matchup! 

  1. Chester Feigley
  2. Leslie  Levy
  3. Brenda Carroll
  4. Rebecca Sessions
  5. Mark Redditt
  6. Tracy Dobbs
  7. Marguerite Pittman-Munke
  8. Debra Slaughter
  9. Eric Bennett
  10. Dahlia Merritt
  11. Bettina Pankey
  12. Jeff Snodgrass
  13. Donna Floyd
  14. Cindy Kruse
  15. Gina Finch
  16. Anita Manley

Where Can I Read More About the Brackets?

Learn more by visiting our first blog post. Stay up to date here, on our blog, or stay subscribed on our email or SMS programs for regular updates.   

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