VitaCup Teas Now Available at Walmart

VitaCup Teas Now Available at Walmart

Did you know VitaCup's infused teas are now available at select Walmart stores? Many of the Walmart stores across the country carry our popular infused coffees; but now, you can find our teas at select stores around the country, too! 

Find the Walmart stores that carry VitaCup infused tea pods in the map below. You can click on the map to view a location or click the top right corner to open the map in a new tab to search your city or zip code. 

These Walmart stores carry all three of our tea bags for purchase.

  • Genius Blend - chai black tea with MCT, turmeric, cinnamon, and vitamins.
  • Beauty Blend - herbal red rooibos tea with collagen, biotin, and vitamins.
  • Probiotic Blend - green tea with probiotics, aloe vera, and vitamins. 

Buy today and enjoy today at a Walmart near you!


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