[Quiz] With Great Energy Comes Great Productivity

[Quiz] With Great Energy Comes Great Productivity

Have you ever wondered what you could accomplish with more energy? Even the most energized people run out of steam eventually. Even superheroes.

We've asked some of our favorite superheroes what flavor of VitaCup the used to get through a day and we got back some very interesting answers. Take our quiz to see how you might match up, from Iron Man to Catwoman, and what kind of superpower you might tap into with just a little bit of extra energy!



So, what do you think?  Was your answer a match?

Make sure to leave your answers in the comment section below!


I do try to get a lot done, don’t have much time

Ann Clementi

I am not Wonder Woman but I can relate to Wonder Woman. The last question music you did not have my genre. I love gospel music.

Ethel Kecaph

Iron Man
Love the Genius Blend.


Love the deep dark taste to get me started. Says me the CATWOMAN


I really need my coffee each day or I’m draggin

Rachel Clift

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