Meet VitaCup’s Chief Vitamin Officer

Brianna Harris, RD (Registered Dietitian) & CDN (Certified Dietitian/Nutritionist) Brianna Harris is VitaCup’s resident Chief Vitamin Officer (CVO). She has dedicated her career to helping people improve their health and achieve their nutrition goals. 

Her Education

  • Bachelors of Nutrition Science from San Diego State University
  • Clinical Dietetics training at California State Polytechnic University
  • Certified Nutrition Support Clinician certification while working in the intensive care unit at Harbor-UCLA

Why did Brianna Join VitaCup

Brianna’s experience with nutrition support at Harbor-UCLA’s ICU gave her the hands on experience to see the transformative power of nutrition management. This inspired a deep conviction and drive to help others realize that optimal diet and supplement regimens can have a positive impact for both preventative and restorative wellness. Brianna has committed her career to improving patient health by managing the ideal intake of macro and micro nutrients. 

VitaCup partnered with Brianna to help us drive product research and innovation by keeping us informed on new clinical trials, case studies, and breakthroughs in health science.  We have come together to reach our mutual mission: provide our customers essential nutrients in an easy, safe, convenient and delicious way!